New Grant Opportunity for iGEM 2021 Teams

The iGEM Foundation is excited to announce a first-of-its-kind initiative to provide grants of $2,500 to 90 iGEM teams to help them take their projects further than ever before.

Applications are now closed. Thank you to all applicants!

Watch the announcement from the Opening Weekend Festival:

Teams that participate in the iGEM Competition are pioneers of synthetic biology, and these grants will empower 2021 teams to secure funding for impactful projects in global pandemic response, climate change, agriculture, biomaterials, and many other critical areas. Support for these grants is provided by the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation of Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. (RCT).

We want to know many of the same things your sponsors want to know, like: who’s on your team, what you’re working on, why it’s important to your community (and the world!), and how this funding will help your team reach your goals this year. We’re excited to learn what our 2021 competition teams are up to!

Applications are now closed.

Have questions? Please contact kristin AT igem DOT org.

About iGEM

The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advancing synthetic biology, education through competition, the development of an open community and collaboration, and building the workforce of the future. iGEM’s main program is the iGEM Competition, which challenges teams to create biology projects that are safe, responsible, and good for the world. iGEM is about local people solving local problems everywhere.

About the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation

Research Corporation Technologies established the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation in December 1998 to provide financial support for scientific research and educational programs at qualified nonprofit organizations. Since its formation, the foundation has provided over $35 million in support of selected scientific and educational programs throughout the United States.

With thanks to the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation of

Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. (RCT)