Giant Jamboree/Judging Sessions


Judging Session Schedule

You can view the Judging Session Schedule now by clicking on the button below. This will load a PDF of the Judging Session schedule. You can use the "Find" function to search for your Team Name. Please note all times are shown in UTC, so you will need to convert the time to your local timezone.

This schedule has been finalized as of October 7, 2021. There were a handful of minor schedule changes and the teams who were impacted have been informed of the change. You may need to clear the cache in your browser to see the changes in the PDF.

Judging Session Format

The general format for each judging session is outlined below:

  • Log on 5 Minutes Early: Your team should plan to be online and join the judging sessions five (5) minutes before the scheduled start time. This will allow you time to do a technology check.
  • Project Overview - 5 minutes: During the first five minutes of your assigned slot, your team may provide an overview of your project or point out key updates since the Wiki Freeze. Those 5 minutes are yours to use however you want. You will be able to share your screen to show slides, a video, wiki pages, or other materials on your computer.
  • Judge Q&A - 20 minutes: Your judges will use this time to ask your team questions.
  • Transition to Next Team - 5 minutes: The next team in the session will join the room and get ready for their judging session.

Remember that only student team members and student team leaders are allowed to present materials and answer questions during the Judging Session!

You can read some advice for preparing for your Judging Session by clicking on the button below.

More information is coming soon!