Global iGEM Slack Workspace

We have created a Global iGEM Slack Workspace to help you connect with other teams! All team members are welcome to join this workspace, where you can chat, discover other projects, create collaborations, and help each other out with your scientific (and non scientific) dilemmas. It is also a place where you can reach out to your regional ambassadors. The slack workspace is currently only available for participants of the 2021 competition.

Please keep in mind that this is not our primary point of contact for questions and inquiries. Any answer and suggestions given by anyone who is not HQ staff, Ambassador or Committee member may not be the official standing. Teams should still use the official contact email (hq [AT] igem [DOT] org) to get in touch with HQ and the competition website to get all announcements and resources for 2021.

Join the iGEM Global Slack

  1. Follow this slack link. Full link:
  2. Set your profile. You should identify yourself in this way: First Name (Team Name).
  3. Check out the #0-readme channel on Slack for guidelines.
  4. Start networking!! You can introduce yourselves in the #2-introduction_room channel. You can also share a brief description of your project in the #3-projects channel for other teams to learn about your work. And, of course, you can start chatting and having fun in the #igemers-room!

List of channels:

  • #0-readme: Here you can find some general rules and guidelines on how to make a correct use of the Slack group.
  • #1-announcements: This channel is used for official announcements and updates from iGEM.
  • #2- introduction-room: This is the place for you to introduce yourselves. You can share your background, your hobby, a fun fact about you, or even a guilty pleasure. And, of course, start meeting your fellow iGEMers from all around the world.
  • #3-projects: Here every team can provide a brief description of their project and find out about other teams’ projects.
  • #4-collaborations: You can use this channel to reach out to other iGEM 2021 teams and discuss opportunities to collaborate.
  • #5- events_activities: This place is for publishing iGEM & iGEM Teams’ Activities, Events, Meetups, Webinars, Workshops, etc. Here you can make an event/initiative known to all iGEMers, give detailed info about it, and invite people to attend.
  • #6-questions-and-answers: This is a FAQ place for asking iGEM2021 related questions or help with the questions from other iGEMers if you know the answers!
  • #7-contact-ambassadors: In this channel you can connect with iGEM Ambassadors for ideas, resources & regional conversations.

Apart from the existing channels, you can also make your own. You can request us to create a channel by tagging @admin in your messages. You might want to do so if you see your post receives many comments, so that people can discuss this topic more in depth and keep track of the messages. Note: please, do not create channels for your team only. We want to promote a wide inter-team communication and collaboration.

You can also join any of the topic-specific channels where you can get in touch with iGEM Committees or discuss the related topics: #igem-engineering, #igem-entrepreneurship, #igem-humanpractices, #igem-safetysecurity, #igem-video etc. We will be making more of these, and announcing it in #1-announcements!


If you have questions email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org.