You can also upload project-related videos to the iGEM Video Universe and incorporate them into your wiki

Deadline: Thursday, October 21st, 23:59 EDT (wiki freeze)

1. Reminder: All videos should respect the Rules of Conduct

Your video should be compliant with iGEM Rules of Conduct and iGEM's values. The iGEM Foundation strictly prohibits harassment of any kind. Harassment can be verbal or nonverbal and includes offensive comments, distribution, display, or discussion of offensive material.

Videos are automatically blocked until the moderators review them.

2. Login or Signup on iGEM Video Universe

You can create multiple accounts for your team members, and you can upload your video from any of them as long as the title follows the naming template described below in Step 4.

Important: Your username must not contain the word "iGEM"

3. Go to Upload

You can choose to ''Upload a file'' or ''Import via URL''. Either option works and the platform will receive the original file.

4. Fill out all the details IMPORTANT!

  • Title: Use the title generator below. Select your team name, write the video title and select the language of your video audio/narration.

  • Description:Please write a brief description of your video. Put the credits when applicable. You should also put your wiki link.
  • Category: ''Science & Technology'' (or the most suitable one)
  • License: ''Attribution''
  • Language: The language of your video audio/narration
  • Privacy: Public
  • Contain sensitive content: No
  • Publish after transcoding: Yes
  • Advanced Settings: Feel free to add your own thumbnail (Video Preview).

5. Captions

Go to the ''Captions tab''. We encourage to provide at least an English version of caption for your video. Feel free to add any other additional language.

  • You should upload the captions as a separate file: they are not part of the video itself;
  • The only supported file extension is .vtt;
  • Each language should be an individual caption file. Please don't submit multiple languages in the same file.
  • You can validate your captions using our new interface.

6. Change Ownership: IMPORTANT!

Go to your videos tab, and: #1 select Change Ownership of your video; #2 type in the next owner: igem2021_teams; then #3 press Submit.

This is only to have all the videos appearing on one channel, and avoid future changes.

We are constantly unblocking and accepting videos. All submissions made until the wiki-freeze deadline will be accepted. You can proceed and embed them onto your wiki and, once they are unblocked, they will show correctly.

This step is crucial in getting your video to us - don't forget to do it!

7. Embed it on your wiki

Go to your video page. Click on the ''Share'' button, and then ''Embed''. Copy the given code and paste it into your wiki.

You won't be able to watch the video on your wiki until the reviewers accept it. Make sure your video does not contain any copyrighted material nor any content against the rules of conduct.

Congratulations! Your video is uploaded and will be available as soon as a moderator accept your video.


Please validate your caption files

The platform only supports .vtt caption files. Please check this guide to learn about the file format. Do not integrate the subtitles directly in the editing of the video, it must be a separated file.

Past the content of your .vtt file

Source code available under CC0.