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On this page you will find: Why are teams making videos?, Deliverables & Examples , and Video Production 101.

Why are teams making videos?

Excellence in a new area

iGEMers already excel in many areas that are traditionally not part of a scientific education. That is part of what makes the iGEM experience unique for students everywhere. The art of making videos and communicating SynBio through this format will become a new area of expertise and excellence for iGEMers of the future.

Inverted Learning

The best learning environments are ones where participants can interact directly with the topics and gain insight from the experiences. Videos allow us to improve the experience at Giant Jamborees by transitioning to an inverted learning style. We will be able to see presentations in advance, re-watch them, and not have to miss out on anything. This creates time at the jamboree that will focus on collaboration, connecting projects and people, and working on future goals.


More than 5000 students participate in iGEM every year. Only half of that attends the in-person Giant Jamboree and has a chance to see the work of 300 other teams. Showcasing your projects via videos at a virtual or onsite event - makes iGEM accessible to everyone, everywhere. We want to celebrate the true international spirit in iGEM and enable multilingual videos and presentations. We want everyone to be able to join and participate equally.

Outreach Potential

Making project videos opens new communication and outreach potential for your team. You will be able to reach out to bigger audiences, promote your projects, and capture attention faster. iGEM is more than a competition and we want to invite other groups from governments, education, academia, industry, entrepreneurship, and local communities to participate, see the work you have done and support you in shaping synthetic biology.

2021 Video Deliverables and Examples

Deliverable: Project Promotion Video

The project promotion video is the introduction to your project: the problem, your solution, the engineering, and its impact. It is your project’s pitch.

Deliverable: Team Presentation Video

iGEM Teams at the Giant Jamboree will showcase their project via a presentation video. The presentation video should be clear, engaging, and communicate your project to a broad audience. The focus of evaluation will be on the content and how your project is communicated.

iGEM Examples (2009-2019)

Many iGEM teams already impress us year to year with their videos. Take a look into our video library to get inspired by just some of the many past examples of: project videos, team videos, music parodies, presentations, and more.

Video Production 101

Stage #1: Pre-Production (Planning & Design)

Making a good video begins long before you start recording. What kind of steps do you need to plan? Have you thought about everything you might need? What do you want to achieve with your video?

Stage #2: Production (Filming & Audio)

Best filming practices. What kind of equipment and settings should you use? How to achieve good audio practices?

Stage #3: Post-Production (Editing)

You've filmed your video. It's time to sit through and edit the footage you created. This is an area already popularized in many communities. We summarized some of the info you can find useful.


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