iGEM 2021 Competition Registration

On this page you will find information on how to fill a team application to join the 2021 iGEM Competition, including: 1. Team PI Information, 2. Team Name, 3. Team Kind, 4. Team Information: Affiliation & Location, 5. Shipping Information, 6. Consent Forms 7. Team Fee Payment, and 8. Next Steps.

We're glad you're joining us as a team for iGEM 2021! There are several items necessary to complete your team application for iGEM 2021 which you can find described below. It is important to read through this page before beginning your team application to understand the requirements to completing the application.

Remember, every member of the team must have an user account. The team’s Principal Investigator (PI) will need one in order to complete the team application. Visit the Registration Handbook to learn more about user accounts. Once the team PI has a user account, they will be able to log in and access the 2021 team application.

Information Required to Apply for a Team

1. Team PI Information

The first component of the team application is the PI information. This includes a personal email address and phone number so we can contact the PI directly if there are any problems throughout the iGEM season. The team PI will need to verify contact information. If your contact information is incorrect, you will have the opportunity to update it before proceeding with the application. Each team must have at least one (1) PI on their team roster at all times throughout the competition. Visit the Team Requirements page to learn about the role of the team PI.

2. Team Name

The next component of a team application is the team name. If your team has participated before, we recommend you use the same team name. If you are a new team, your team name should be brief and descriptive. It is limited to a maximum of 20 characters. Your team name should indicate your school, city, state, country (or region). A team name must also follow these rules:

  • be 20 or fewer characters (including letters, and underscore/hyphen)
  • should indicate your school name(s) and city, state, country and/or region
  • only contain letters A-Z, and a-z
  • may contain numbers 0-9
  • can contain underscore (_) or hyphen (-)
  • cannot contain the year (i.e. "21", or "2021")
  • cannot contain spaces
  • cannot include the words iGEM, team, or synthetic biology (or any abbreviations, i.e., SynBio)
  • cannot be related to the team's project
  • cannot include the name of your school mascot
  • cannot include sponsor names

Note that your team name will need to be approved by iGEM HQ. Failure to follow these rules will delay your team approval. If you use any other words besides your school name, city, state, country, or region, we may ask for an explanation for the team name and, depending on the explanation, may suggest alternative names.

We have formalized this requirement and show it in the team requirements section on your Team Information Page. Your team name will be easily approved if your team has participated in the past and you use the same team name. If you are a new team or if you are using a new team name, then iGEM HQ will manually approve your team name.

Why is your team name important? Your team name is the official name that you will use throughout the entire iGEM season. After the competition ends this name will be used as an historical record of your team. Your team name is your team identity.

For examples of team names, you can see the 2020 team list.

3. Team Kind

In iGEM 2021, teams will register as one of four team "kinds", and each kind will have different team role requirements for the "Primary and Secondary PI" role (see Team Roles section). The rest of the roles are the same throughout the team kinds. The four team kinds are:

  • Collegiate:
    Student team members are usually collegiate students. You may also have postgraduate students and/or high school students on the team.

  • High School:
    Student team members are only high school students and students who will graduate high school in 2021. High School teams compete with other High School teams in the High School Track and Section. All High School teams must submit additional paperwork to be approved. Please visit the High School Consent Form page for information about and access to the consent forms.
    Please see Team Roles section for the definition of the Primary and Secondary PI for High School Requirements.

  • Community Lab:
    Student team members are members of a community lab. This can include anyone. Community Lab teams compete with Collegiate teams in the Traditional and Special Tracks and in the Undergraduate and Overgraduate Sections based on the team members' ages.

    Each community lab team must complete the following additional requirements and send the applicable documentation to documents AT igem DOT org:
    1. demonstrate access to a BL 1 lab
    2. demonstrate an adequate safety training program
    3. must be an incorporated entity (for profit or not-for-profit)
    4. must have a legal entity which has the ability to sign contracts
    Please see Team Roles section for the definition of the Primary and Secondary PI for Community Lab Requirements.

  • Commercial:
    These are teams run by companies, including companies contracting to run teams for high schools, colleges, universities, as well as companies recruiting individual members. Commercial teams can include anyone. For this year, ALL teams run by companies MUST register as commercial teams. Commercial teams registering as other kinds (Collegiate, High School, or Community Lab) may NOT be eligible to compete.

    Commercial teams will need to meet some additional requirements similar to those for Community Lab teams and High School Teams. For more information about this new Kind of iGEM team, including additional registration requirements, please see our Commercial Teams page.

4. Team Information: Affiliation & Location

The team application asks for team’s school affiliation and geographic location. This helps iGEM HQ track team development, and other individuals, including potential team members, find teams near them. Please include the following:

  • School name
  • School mailing address
  • City, state, country (area or economy)
  • School website URL

If more than one school is represented on the team, please list every school.

Below the school field, please select the country (area or economy) that your school belongs to, as well as the region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America).

5. Shipping Information

Your team’s shipping information will be needed in order to send you materials during the iGEM 2021 competition season.
The shipping information is found on your Team Information page, accessible after the team application is submitted.

7. Team Fee Payment

Each team pays a team fee, which provides the team with a team wiki, associated materials, and support throughout the season.

Team fees for iGEM 2021 are:

  • Regular registration: $5500 USD (ends April 30)
  • Late registration: $6000 USD (ends May 28)
  • Multiple team discount: a discount of $1000 USD
  • Phase II team discount: a discount of $1000 USD

Teams are only eligible for one of the above discounts. Teams cannot apply for both discounts. Commercial Teams are not eligible for the Multiple Team Discount.

To apply for one of these discounts, please email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org.

Instructions for submitting your team fee are available on the Team Fee page.

Please note: There is an additional fee required to register for the Giant Jamboree, which secures the team's judging session slot. This fee is due by August 31, 2021.

8. Next Steps

Once you have submitted the team application, team fee, and relevant consent forms, your information will be sent to iGEM Headquarters (HQ) and we will review it and either accept it, or contact you for more details. Note this is a manual process, not automatic, so it may take a few days! We will be as efficient as possible when it comes to accepting iGEM team applications. You can contact us with questions at registration AT igem DOT org

In the meantime, you can begin adding other users to your team roster! Visit the Registration Handbook for information about managing the team roster.