Values and Risks Workshop: Engineering our collective future

Join the iGEM Ambassadors for interactive, small-group sessions exploring issues of safety, security and responsibility. By the end of the 90-minute workshop you should know more about the risks your project and be confident you have the tools you need to manage them effectively.


Workshop attendance for teams is recommended, but optional. This workshop is not a requirement for the 2021 Competition.

You are invited to sign up for a pre-scheduled workshop with an Ambassador. Please note that workshops will be cancelled if there is insufficent registration!

Time Language Ambassador (Region) Signup Link
6,9,700,90EnglishAyesha & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,9,1600,90EnglishErikan, Youssef, Alex & Sara (Africa)Zoom Signup
6,9,2000,90EnglishRocky (North America)Zoom Signup
6,9,2300,90SpanishMinerva (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,10,100,90SpanishAbril (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,10,1100,90ChineseZhandong & Jianzhe (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,10,1300,90EnglishShruti & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,11,700,90EnglishAyesha & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,11,2000,90EnglishGeorge (North America)Zoom Signup
6,12,100,90SpanishSamantha (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,12,600,90EnglishShrestha & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,12,1400,90EnglishAthina (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,12,1400,90PortugueseJimmy (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,12,2000,90EnglishErin (North America)Zoom Signup
6,13,1300,90EnglishShruti & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,13,1400,90EnglishErikan, Youssef, Alex & Sara (Africa)Zoom Signup
6,13,1600,90FrenchSara (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,13,2000,90EnglishNimaya (North America)Zoom Signup
6,13,2100,90SpanishHeber (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,14,700,90Hindi IndiaAvadhoot & Soumodeep (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,14,1500,90SpanishRuth (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,14,1600,90EnglishSrishty (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,14,2200,90PortugueseHeloisa (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,15,600,90Bahasa Indonesia/EnglishJannah & Chin (Asia)Zoom Signup
6,15,800,90EnglishSrishty (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,16,1400,90EnglishLeandros (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,16,2300,90SpanishAbril (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,17,1700,90SpanishRuth (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,17,1700,90FrenchSara (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,17,1800,90Spanish/ EnglishClaudia (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,19,900,90Spanish/ EnglishClaudia (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,19,1700,90SpanishMinerva (Latin America)Zoom Signup
6,19,2000,90EnglishTim (North America)Zoom Signup
6,19,2000,90EnglishLeandros (Europe)Zoom Signup
6,20,2000,90EnglishAnsley (North America)Zoom Signup
6,21,1800,90Spanish/ EnglishClaudia (Europe)Zoom Signup
Can't find a session?

You can also request for an Ambassador to run the Risk Workshop at your regularly scheduled team meeting by contacting ambassadors-2021 [AT] igem [DOT] org.