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Gunma: the "Onsen Prefecture"
There are 27,000 onsen (hot springs) in Japan.
It is a huge part of our culture.

70% of the total lodgers visiting Gunma come to spend time at onsen facilities.

Sanitation and Safety are key to the onsen facilities.
However, they face a problem of biological contamination.

Environmental and soil bacteria can cause stains and slime in bathtubs, Pathogens can cause diseases such as Legionellosis.

Although onsen facilities use special disinfectants for cleaning, biofilm masks it difficult as they protect these bacteria.

Our solution: "Bio-carrier with Biofilm Breaker Enzyme"

We bioengineered an E. coli strain that produces, carries, and releases enzymes that break down biofilm to increase the efficacy of disinfectants.

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