Competition/Deliverables/Team Roster

12. Team Roster

The Team Roster is the official record of everyone who is involved with the iGEM team, including professors, teachers, instructors, advisors, and the student team members. The Team Roster should be filled out as early as possible. This can be an ongoing process as some team members and advisors are added or removed, but it should be filled in to the best of your ability on the same day that you register your team.

Team Roster Deadlines

Check-In Date: July 23

Add your team members to the roster by July 23. All High School team consent forms must also be submitted by this deadline, July 23. This deadline allows you to identify any problems you may be facing with adding team members to the roster and get help from us.

Freeze Date: September 24, 23:59 EDT

The final version of your Team Roster is due on September 24, 2021, and changes will not be permitted after that date. Please ensure everyone who worked on your project and who helped your team is on the official roster by September 24.


For collegiate teams, Team Rosters are used to determine if your team will be categorized as an Undergraduate or Overgraduate team (high school teams are automatically placed into the High School section). This will impact the track awards and special prizes you can compete for during the competition, so make sure your Team Roster is correct and up to date.

Only the team members (including PIs, instructors, students, and advisors) listed on the Team Roster as of September 24, 23:59 EDT, will be officially recognized as iGEM 2021 participants. Only approved individuals on the Team Roster will receive participation certificates after the Giant Jamboree, so please make sure your Team Roster is correct!

Instructions and More Information

To find and review your Team Roster, go to your Team Information Page, found by clicking on your Team Name in the Team List.

Information to Review

Please review the Team Roles as you add people to your Team Roster.

Please review the Team Sections page for more information about the Undergraduate, Overgraduate, and High School sections.

Consent forms are required from all high school team participants including instructors, advisors, students, and others.

Adding Roster Members

Please follow the instructions on the Manage Team Roster page to add members to your Team Roster.

Each member of your Team Roster must have an iGEM Account.

Questions can be emailed to hq AT igem DOT org.