Synthetic Biology StackExchange

StackExchange for discussing frequently asked questions in SynBio!

This year, to facilitate more collaboration between teams and also with the wider SynBio community, the Engineering Committee is establishing a Synthetic Biology StackExchange site. This will be a site for technical Q&A where anyone can ask and receive expert responses to their questions about synthetic biology. For it to enter the beta, where questions can be asked and answered, we need to have around 300 people committed to using the site once it’s established.

If you think this would be a useful resource, please visit the site and commit yourself! Click on the button below or visit to check out the SynBio StackExchange.

Want to help up further after committing? We also have a community-building Slack and are working together to build up StackExchange reputation: email us at synbiose [AT] igem [DOT] org if you'd like to join our Slack!