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Welcome to the 2021 Competition Hub! This Hub contains information about the competition rules and requirements. Each team member, including students, advisors, instructors, and Primary and Secondary PIs, should take the time to read through everything on this page and on the detail pages prior to starting work on their iGEM project.

2021 Participation Requirements

Below are the requirements for participating in iGEM 2021. All teams are expected to understand these requirements before registering for the competition. Please email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org with any questions.

All iGEM teams must follow the Team Requirements in terms of Team Composition, Team Roles, and Team Sections. These requirements give teams structure and allow teams to compete against each other fairly. For more details about Team Requirements, click below.

All teams are required to follow the iGEM Rules of Conduct. Failure to follow the rules may result in disciplinary action against your team, up to and including ineligibility for awards and disqualification from the competition. For more details about the iGEM Rules of Conduct, click below.

Every iGEM team is responsible for delivering twelve (12) different items throughout the competition. These items are used to evaluate your team, in addition to the other medal and award criteria. Failure to complete these deliverables may impact your team’s chances at winning medals and prizes during the Giant Jamboree. Scroll down for shortcuts to more information about each deliverable, or click below for the the overview of all of the 2021 iGEM Competition Deliverables.

4. Positive Contribution

All participants are required to work hard to build positive contributions to society and have lots of fun!

While we know this is a competition, we encourage all teams to come to the Giant Jamboree to celebrate their hard work and share in the joy of iGEM with teams from around the world.

Register Your Team!

Late Registration closes May 28, 2021. Register your team by May 28!

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As mentioned above, every iGEM team is responsible for completing the twelve (12) deliverables by their deadlines. These items are used to evaluate your team, in addition to the other medal and award criteria. Failure to complete these deliverables may impact your team’s chances at winning medals and prizes during the Giant Jamboree. Please click below for more information about the deliverables. You can also see the deadlines in chronological order on the 2021 Calendar.

1. Safety Forms

Preliminary - June 25, 23:59 EDT
Final - October 1, 23:59 EDT

All teams are expected to follow a high standard of safe and responsible biological engineering. Teams must submit various safety forms over the course of the competition.

2. Project Promotion Video

Due Date Postponed: July 16 July 23, 11:59AM / 11:59 EDT

All teams must create and submit a Project Promotion Video.

3. Team Wiki

Due Date: October 21, 23:59 EDT

Teams need to document their project on their Wiki page. This page is the public face of your project. Since it is hosted on the iGEM servers, no content will ever get lost and you will still be able to share the website after the competition.

4. Team Poster

No longer required

Teams are no longer required to submit posters for this year.

5. Team Presentation Video

Due Date: October 28, 11:59AM / 11:59 EDT

Each team must make one 20-minute presentation video for their project.

6. Judging Form

Preliminary - October 1, 23:59 EDT
Final - October 21, 23:59 EDT

Since iGEM is a competition, teams will be judged on their projects during the Giant Jamboree. Teams fill out their own Judging Form. The Judging Form will be sent to the judges so they can evaluate your team for prizes and awards.

7. Project Attributions

Due Date: October 21, 23:59 EDT

All of the work done in your project must be attributed correctly on your team's Attributions page. You must clearly state the work that was done by the students on your team and note any work that was done by people outside of your team.

8. Registry Part Pages

Due Date: October 21, 23:59 EDT

Teams must create and document Part pages on the Registry for the Parts they make. While your Team Wiki exists to document your entire project, the Registry Part Page(s) exist to specifically document your new part(s). These pages should be very detailed.

9. Project Description

Due Date: October 21, 23:59 EDT

Teams are asked to document how and why you chose your iGEM project, and in a few sentences describe how you will achieve your goal(s) on your team wiki.

10. Title and Abstract

Due Date: October 1, 23:59 EDT

Each team is required to submit a title and abstract for their project. The title and abstract should accurately reflect the work you completed in your team project and the abstract should provide a brief summary of your project.

11. Track Selection

Due Date: September 24, 23:59 EDT

Each team needs to decide which Track they will compete in at the Giant Jamboree. The purpose of the iGEM tracks is to help teams focus their projects.

12. Team Roster

Due Date: September 24, 23:59 EDT

The Team Roster is the official record of everyone who is involved with the iGEM team, including professors, teachers, instructors, advisors, and the student team members.

Track List

Deliverable #11 - Track Selection requires each team to select a track for their project by the track selection freeze. Click below to learn more about the track options for 2021:

Foundational Advance
High School
New Application
Open Track

Phase II Teams

Your project can be divided in 2 phases, and work can be distributed across two years. For teams wishing to sign up as a Phase II Team this year, please click the button below for more information.

Distribution Kit

Information about distribution kits will be coming soon!