Competition/Registration/Commercial Teams

Commercial Teams

For 2021, iGEM has created a new team registration process to cover teams being run by companies. This includes companies that:

  1. offer services to high schools, colleges, universities or other institutions to run their teams
  2. recruit individual members from different institutions (such as high schools, or colleges or universities)

We know that teams run by companies have been competing in iGEM for several years and have updated the registration process to simplify this process.

For this year, ALL teams run by companies MUST register as commercial teams. Commercial teams registering as other kinds (Collegiate, High School, or Community Lab) may NOT be eligible to compete.

Registering as a Commercial team will NOT impact the experience of team members. Teams that consist of only high school students will continue to compete against other High School teams as part of the High School Track. Teams with collegiate students will compete against other Collegiate teams in the other Tracks and in the Undergraduate and Overgraduate Sections based on the team members' ages.

For Commercial teams, the primary PI must be authorized to make binding commitments for the company and be able to authorize the necessary payments.

Commercial teams are not eligible for the Multiple Team Discount.

Registration Requirements

In addition to the standard registration requirements, Commercial teams will also need to help iGEM understand the operating model being used. This might involve providing information such as: details on the organization, a description of the program, how the teams are selected and structured, types and amount of support given to the teams, how the team accesses a lab, how the organization deals with issues like safety and security, or human practices, materials used to advertise the organization's services, materials provided to teams, as well as sign-off from someone able to make binding agreements for the organization. We will also need appropriate consent forms for teams who will be in the High School section and for Collegiate section team members under the age of 18 (as of March 31, 2021).

Commercial Team Registration

Members of the iGEM staff are ready to assist Commercial teams with registering for the competition.

All Commercial teams must email commercial-teams [AT] igem [DOT] org to begin their registration process.