iGEM Project Cargo

iGEM 2021 UC Davis

Hello we are Project Cargo and we want to make better vaccines!

Come see what we did this summer and learn more about our project!

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We’re Project Cargo!

Hey there! The pandemic has seen the deployment of new mRNA vaccines on a global scale. Project Cargo wants to explore further ways to optimize and improve mRNA vaccines through the development of our folding software pipeline, Foldase, to insert a secondary structure known as as an Iron Response Element (IRE) to bind to endogenous ACO2 proteins to delay the translation initiation of transcripts. This will gradually introduce the vaccine to our body to reduce side effects. The goal of trying to reduce mRNA vaccine side effects is to not only improve the quality of life of this soon to be staple technology, but also to encourage vaccination from people of all backgrounds. Project Cargo sought to better address vaccine hesitancy and inequity in the United States by directly asking Black seniors with varying degrees of chronic illness and disability from Tuskegee, Alabama and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more about in our Human Outreach!

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Wet Lab

Mammalian cell culturing, live cell microscopy, and more!

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Dry lab

Come learn about in silico RNA folding in foldase!

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Human Practices

Listen to the testimonies of people who have the most to consider when getting vaccinated!

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