Safety and Security Roles

On this page you will find the responsabilties for: All participants, Team members, Instructors, and the Safety and Security Committee,

All Participants

All participants are responsible for working safely and securely, for identifying and managing any risks from their project, and for ensuring their work complies with local laws and university/institutional guidelines. iGEM expects all participants to have had basic safety and security training and to be able to understand any harm from their project.

All participants are expected to work with the iGEM Safety and Security Committee and to contact them with any concerns. The iGEM Safety and Security Committee is not a substitute for the biosafety regulations of your country, or for the lab safety guidelines of your university. By approving your forms, the iGEM Safety Committee is only affirming that your team has permission to participate in iGEM. We cannot certify that your project is completely safe (even "safe" organisms, like E. coli K-12, can present some risks!). Likewise, we cannot certify that your project is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations of your university/institution, local government, national government, and/or international treaties.

Team members

All team members will:

  • Carefully consider safety and security issues throughout the design, conduct and transfer of projects - consulting instructors or the iGEM Safety and Security Committee as needed
  • Follow iGEM's safety and security rules and policies
  • Be responsible and strive to be conscientious members of the synthetic biology community


Instructors will:

  • Teach their students to work safely and securely and answering their questions
  • Be actively involved in the development and conduct of the iGEM project
  • Review and certify the Safety and Security Form
  • Ensure the project complies with all relevant international, regional, national, local and institutional rules and regulations

The iGEM Safety and Security Committee

The iGEM Safety and Security Committee will:

  • Work with iGEM communities to strengthen safety and security in synthetic biology
  • Review and approve safety and security forms
  • Perform safety and security checks on Registry parts

Safety and Security Team at iGEM HQ

The Safety and Security Team at iGEM HQ will:

  • Ensure that Safety and Security Rules and Policies are up to date
  • Be the first line of communication with teams submitting Safety Check-In Forms
  • Create training, tools, and resources to help iGEM communities work responsibly