Mentorship Program

As iGEMers, we have had our share of less-than-ideal experiences such as summer projects being too ambitious to finish, BioBrick parts not working (or even going into plasmids backwards!), and team wikis being unfinished until the very last second. iGEM is all about working together to make biology fun and easy to engineer, and we hope that this voluntary nonofficial Mentorship Program will bring new teams and alumni together and enable everyone to meet their goals for iGEM 2021.

Deadline to Apply: May 31, 2021

What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program provides the means for new high school, collegiate, and community lab iGEM teams to learn how the iGEM Competition works. Also, it is a chance for experienced iGEMers to give back to the community, interact with the next-generation of competition participants, and gain practical experience in communication, leadership, and mentoring skills. The program has been running since 2015 and has helped to introduce, guide and support many adventures in the marvelous journey until the Jamboree.

Who’s running the Mentorship Program?

The mentors and teams will be matched considering their expertise and research interest. The Steering Group of iGEM Education Network, a team composed of former iGEMers that share their expertise and experience in leading educational programs, will coordinate the program by providing support and guidance for the mentors and teams. We hope all the groups will enjoy this unique opportunity to learn, teach, and share.

Learn more about the Mentorship Program and Mentors' Network:

Does your team need a mentor?

This program is a good fit for teams who would like to better understand the iGEM Competition through an experienced iGEM Mentor. Covering the basics from competition deliverables to important deadlines, while also adding the mentor’s own tips and professional experience to the mix.

All iGEM teams, including high school and collegiate level teams, are eligible to apply for mentorship, but preference will be given to:

• New teams with 0-1 year of iGEM experience
• Teams who have traditionally not done well in past competitions
• Teams that have experienced a gap year

Team Application Form:

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Do you want to be a mentor?

Mentors are iGEMers with previous experience in the iGEM Competition, so they understand the structure and requirements of the competition. They will help their teams navigate the competition, and support their teams while they progress through notable dates and work towards deadlines.

To join as a mentor you must have:

• At least 1 year of experience in the iGEM Competition
• At least 2 hours per week to engage with the program

Mentor Application Form:

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