Competition/Deliverables/Project Attributions

Attributions Deadline

Due by the Wiki Freeze: October 21, 23:59 EDT

The Attributions page is one of your team wiki pages and the deadline is the same as the Wiki Freeze. Once the wikis are frozen, users can no longer make any changes until they are thawed after the Giant Jamboree.


1. Each team must clearly attribute work completed by the student team members on the roster. The team must distinguish work completed by the students from work completed by others, including the host labs, advisors, instructors, PIs, and any individuals not on the current year's team roster. All of these attributions must be included on the team's wiki on the Project Attributions page.

2. The Project Attributions page is one of the required Standard Pages for the 2021 team wiki pages and is a Bronze medal criterion. You will find that this page already exists on your team wiki at the following URL:, with "YourTeamName" being your registered team name (ex: Team Example's URL would be:

3. Only one person should edit the Attributions page at a time. If multiple people are editing the same page at the same time, information will be lost!

4. Judges want to know what a team has accomplished themselves. This page is your opportunity to explain what parts of your project you did and what was done by technicians, advisers, etc. This requirement is not about literature references - these can and should be displayed throughout your wiki!

Attribution Guidelines

Why is Project Attribution needed?

The Attribution requirement helps the judges know what you did yourselves and what you had help with. We don't mind if you get help with difficult or complex techniques, but you must report what work your team did and what work was done by others.

For example, you might choose to work with an animal model during your project. Working with animals requires getting a license and applying far in advance to conduct certain experiments in many countries. This is difficult to achieve during the course of a summer, but much easier if you can work with a postdoc or PI who has the right licenses.

What should the Project Attribution page include?

  • Clearly state what each member of the team accomplished
  • Clearly state who provided the team with:
    • General support
    • Project support and advice
    • Fundraising help and advice
    • Lab support
    • Difficult technique support
    • Project advisor support
    • Wiki support
    • Presentation coaching
    • Human Practices support
  • Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in helping make your team successful

Team training and Project start

On your Attribution page, please also tell the public if your institution teaches an iGEM or synthetic biology class, and when you started your project:

  • Does your institution teach an iGEM or synthetic biology course?
  • When did you start this course?
  • Are the syllabus and course materials freely available online?
  • When did you start your brainstorming?
  • When did you start in the lab?
  • When did you start working on your project?


Can we base our project on a previous one? Yes! You can have a project based on a previous team, or based on someone else's idea, as long as you state this fact very clearly and give credit for the original project.

Take a look at what other teams have done for their Attribution page: