Ambassador Calls: iGEM 2021

The Ambassador Calls are back and we are excited to connect with you and hear about your iGEM 2021 plans!

Our team of 37 Ambassadors and 6 Ambassador Program Coordinators, passionate iGEM Alumni located all over the world, will be frequently organizing video calls with prospective 2021 iGEM Teams via Zoom.

These calls with Ambassadors are a place to catch up, share plans, discuss questions and voice your suggestions! Check back on this page frequently for new call times.

Please join any of the calls happening in your region to meet with the rest of the iGEM Community, and tell us about your situation. Simply find a time slot that works for you and your team, and click the Zoom link to join in the call at the assigned time.

Some calls will be held in local languages, however you are welcome to join as many calls as you would like, and with any region that fits your schedule.

We will use the Zoom application to host the video calls. We recommend downloading the Zoom app ahead of time. Please note that video chats may be recorded. Recordings will not be made public. If you have any questions reach out to ambassadors-2021 AT igem DOT org.


In order to prevent misuse of public zoom rooms, you will have to use a password. The password is the answer to the question 'which year is it' in numbers. Please only access to the zoom room at the time of the call. Thank you for your understanding.


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