Our Mission

Combat food insecurity in Florida and beyond using empathy and partnership with local communities

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity exists on a spectrum, ranging from uncertainty of where your next meal is coming from, having no food at all, to having an overabundance of non-nutritional foods.


Higher rates of food insecurity occur for households living at or near the Federal Poverty Line. Black and Hispanic households have twice the rate of food insecurity as white households.


The food insecure suffer from higher rates of chronic disease and nutritional deficiencies. To provide more balanced meals, food pantries are asking for fresh produce.

Food Pantries

Fresh produce lasts only a few days when it arrives at food pantries. Using the ChiFresh system, we can extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

  • Economic Impact
  • $77.5 Billion
    in additional health care expenditures annually
  • Food Insecure
  • 45 million Americans
    15 million Children
  • Innovative Solution
  • ChiFresh:
    Fresh Produce Truck
    Chitosan Spray
    Chitin Packaging
  • Microbial production of
    chitin & chitosan through
  • Chitin Secretion Cells

Our Creative Process

Human Practices

Our team reached out to local food pantries and food banks and identified the need in our community - preserving fresh produce.


Our Design team designed the Chitin Secretion Cells for more sustainable and less expensive production of chitin and chitosan. The chitin and chitosan sourced from microbes can be used to develop protective coating and packaging that extends the shelf-life of fresh produce.


Our Modeling Lead developed models for our Chitin Secretion Cells to predict the amount of chitin produced and the costs of microbial chitin production.


Our Implementation Team focused on building and testing the Chitin Secretion Cells, formulating a growth medium made from brewer's spent yeast, and testing the shelf-life extension of a chitosan-based protective coating.

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