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ABSI_Kenya is a team of young professionals with innovative ideas to solve local problems using synthetic biology.

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Every year, 1.6 million lives are lost globally as a result of diarrheal diseases. A huge percentage of these are linked to poor sanitation and hygiene and contaminated water. In Kenya alone, 47% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. This demographic relies on ponds, rivers wells, and other unimproved sources Unfortunately, these are contaminated with industrial effluent and domestic output such as feces. These present a serious health hazard when ingested. These classes of contaminants are dangerous and are known to end human life or at the least cause illness to human beings. Some of the effects are irreversible. Since this is a major problem in Kenya our team has decided to design a water-based biosensor that will be able to detect chemical and microbial contaminants in water. Our project gives a provision for affected communities to test their drinking water from the comfort of their homes. With the use of biological engineering principles, we have designed a biosensor that detects the common bacterial and chemical contaminants, The kit will be highly accurate and the results will be easy to read, hence no laboratory is required for this. :

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