For the third year in a row,
Benchling is helping iGEM teams make research discoveries faster!

Benchling helps scientists everywhere record experimental data, design biological sequences, and collaborate more effectively. For iGEM, Benchling includes our two unified applications: Benchling Notebook, an electronic laboratory notebook, and Benchling Molecular Biology, a suite of sequence design and analysis tools.

Click the button below to unlock Notebook, Molecular Biology, extra space, and Benchling Sync, an exclusive feature for iGEMmers — all for free.


We encourage every member of an iGEM team to create an individual account!


Centralized, standardized experimental notes

‍Replace paper and spreadsheets with a single source of truth. Record and search all of your team's data — spreadsheets, image files, sequences, protocols, and detailed notes — in one place. Easily export Notebook entries and upload them to your iGEM Wiki.


Comprehensive sequence design and analysis

Store and analyze your biological sequences with your experimental notes on a unified platform. Model cloning assemblies, annotate constructs, create sequence alignments, design primers, and more. Directly link these sequences inside your Benchling Notebook.


Data transparency across your entire team

‍Save time by seamless sharing your notes with your entire iGEM team. Collaborate on your protocols, sequences, and experimental results with teammates, and centralize all of your team's data in one place. You can even share your data with collaborators outside of iGEM.

By signing up with the link below, iGEM teams can unlock:

Notebook, Molecular Biology, 10 GB of extra space, and Benchling Sync*

*Benchling Sync is an exclusive feature that allows you to open file attachments in their native desktop application and automatically sync edits that you make into your Notebook.

Check out our iGEM Training Webinar Series

Webinar 1

Introduction to the Benchling Platform

Watch Now ⇗

‍We introduce you to Benchling’s core applications – Notebook and Molecular Biology, and we show iGEM teams how they can collaborate with one another.

Webinar 2

Mastering Benchling Notebook

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We demonstrate the best ways to design and plan experiments with Benchling, keep your projects and notes organized, and use advanced features, such as built-in tables with formulas and Benchling Sync.

Webinar 3

Mastering Benchling Molecular Biology

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‍Join us as we walk through a molecular cloning workflow on Benchling. We cover importing sequences from the iGEM Parts Registry, cloning assemblies, primer design, and sequence alignments.

Did you miss us at the 2020 iGEM Virtual Jamboree?


Investigation of the COVID-19 Genome with Benchling

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Watch Benchling's interactive workshop for new and experienced users where we use Benchling to analyze the COVID-19 genome!

Additional Training & Support

Jump right in with our Benchling Training Kit.

Learn how to use Benchling Sync:
> Install the Benchling Sync desktop app
> Edit file attachments with Benchling Sync

Find more answers at our Help Center.

Try out these molecular biology lessons from Benchling

Design and analyze primers
> PCR and Primer Design

Run and simulate restriction digests
> Gel Electrophoresis

Model and create cloning assemblies
> Molecular Cloning

Generate and score guide RNAs

Transfer your data from Benchling to iGEM

Follow these iGEM Export Instructions to upload your Notebook entries
directly from Benchling to your iGEM Media Wiki.

Don't miss out on Benchling's special offer!

An introspection from Benchling: Why we support iGEM and continue to do so

By Johnny Truong, Benchling

"At Benchling, our mission is to fundamentally transform how biology research is done. We accomplish this through developing software that eliminates busywork and enhances collaboration for all scientists, including iGEM teams." Read more

Benchling is a Partner Sponsor of the 2021 iGEM Competition

As a non-profit organization, iGEM counts on the support of our partners and sponsors to help us continue to provide this unique and valuable experience to students worldwide. Learn more about Sponsorship at iGEM.