Wiki Freeze

Deadline: October 21, 23:59 EDT

Once the wikis are frozen, users can no longer make any changes until they are thawed after the Giant Jamboree. Please be sure to read through the wiki requirements listed below. No extensions will be provided (no exceptions!) and judges will begin their assessment after the Wiki Freeze.


Your Team Wiki is how you and your teammates will communicate your entire project to the world. You can begin editing your wiki pages after your team registration is approved and you can continue editing the pages until the Wiki Freeze. The Team Wiki is a key deliverable for the iGEM Competition and will be archived in December so future teams and iGEM community members can see your work.

All iGEM 2021 teams are given a namespace on the iGEM 2021 wiki with their team name: Teams are allowed to create and edit pages within their respective team namespace. Teams are not allowed to create or edit pages belonging to another team's namespace.

Using a Software Tool to Build Your Wiki?

If you are using a separate program or software tool to create your wiki pages (i.e., Dreamweaver), you should test out how you will import the code over to your Team Wiki on Testing Day, if not before. Importing pages designed in other programs often takes time and effort to understand how to bring the correct files over. Do not wait until the week of the Wiki Freeze to test this out! You may experience serious problems and it may take you longer than expected to upload the correct files and templates.

Wiki Requirements

Here are the 2021 iGEM Wiki Requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org.


The team wiki is a Bronze Medal criterion. Failure to follow the wiki requirements can result in disqualification of the wiki, which will affect the evaluation of your team for medals and may result in no medal for your team. Please read these requirements carefully and email us with any questions you have.

1. Teams cannot edit, disable, hide, or alter the iGEM Login Bar

All iGEM 2021 Team Wikis are required to have the iGEM Login Bar. The Login Bar includes essential links, tools, and information for all users: both wiki creators and viewers.

The iGEM Login Bar is a 16 pixel high, full-width menu bar that exists on all pages. It contains: iGEM related pages, wiki tools (edit, history, watch, etc.), search tools, login, and the site menu. It serves as a quick navigation tool for all users and must be maintained on all of your team wiki pages as a result.

2. Teams must use the Standard URL Pages on their wiki to be considered for prizes and medals

We have created Standard URL Pages with specific URL addresses for all special prizes and for most medal criteria. These Standard URL Pages are automatically linked to your team's Judging Form. You cannot change the links on the Judging Form.

If your team wants to be considered for a special prize or medal criterion, you will need to document your achievements related to the award and/or medal criterion on the associated Standard URL Page.

Please read the details about these Standard URL Pages here.

3. Teams cannot use Adobe Flash on their wiki

Adobe Flash is not permitted on team wikis. It's now considered to be an outdated video player and has had many security issues in the past. It's also not open source, which goes against iGEM's goal of making everything in the competition open source.

4. Teams must host all content on

All team pages, images, documents and code must be hosted on the server.

Load your CSS and Javascript into the wiki, either directly into your page or using templates. Do not link to scripts or stylesheets that are hosted on other servers.

We preserve all iGEM content on our own servers so future teams can learn from what you have done. When you store content on your own sites or servers, links might become broken, sites might go down, and information will be lost.

Hosting content outside of is a form of cheating and may result in no medal.

Bootstrap Note: If you want to use Bootstrap in your wiki, you will need to copy the CSS code from Bootstrap and create a Template File on the server with that CSS code in order to use Bootstrap in your wiki. You CANNOT use CDN support for your wiki. As this rule explains, all content must be on

5. Teams may use iframes to show content hosted on the iGEM servers

You may use iframes to display a file that you have uploaded to the 2021 iGEM server ( or the iGEM Video Universe ( iframes are not permitted on the iGEM wiki to display content from another website or server (see 4 above). Some common examples that are NOT permitted in an iframe includes videos hosted on YouTube or Bilibili, and documents hosted on Google Drive or Microsoft Teams.

Using iframes to show any non-iGEM server content is a form of cheating and may result in no medal for your team.

6. Teams cannot use any copyrighted materials on their wiki, included images

Copyrighted images and other materials are not permitted on the iGEM wiki. (You may use materials that are appropriately licensed for reuse, such as open-source code or Creative Commons licensed images.) If you use copyrighted materials, we reserve the right to remove the content at will.

7. Teams cannot alter content after the Wiki Freeze deadline: October 21 (23:59 EDT)

The Wiki Freeze refers to the deadline when iGEM Headquarters closes access to the editing tools on the team wiki pages. This prevents teams from editing the pages after the Wiki Freeze. This event is incredibly important because it gives our judges plenty of time to review your project and evaluate your team wiki page prior to the Giant Jamboree. Since judges start reviewing iGEM teams once the wikis are frozen, this is a very serious deadline and no edits will be allowed after the deadline has passed.

The Wiki Freeze for the 2021 competition season is October 21 (23:59 EDT). Once the wikis are frozen, users can no longer make any changes. We will re-open editing after the Giant Jamboree so you can make changes, fix any mistakes, and/or post updates on the awards and/or medal you may have won during the Giant Jamboree. Please note that altering content after the wiki freeze is a form of cheating and may result in the disqualification of your team.

    1. During the days before the wiki freeze, iGEM experiences higher than normal traffic which can lead to strain on our servers and sessions timing out for users. We do our best to alleviate this strain but there may be over 6,000 users editing their pages during this period. iGEM HQ recommends that users do not wait until the last days to work on and/or finish their wikis. Edits made during the final week should be very minor edits (i.e., fixing spelling mistakes, updating images, etc.).

    2. Only one person should edit a page at a time. If multiple people are editing the same page at the same time, information will be lost.

    3. If you have trouble editing and saving your changes, please try the following before emailing iGEM HQ for assistance:
    Log out, clear your cache, and log back in
    If you still cannot save, try using a different web browser
    If your problem persists, please email us at hq [AT] igem [DOT] org for help.

    4. Please email iGEM HQ before October 14 for wiki help! If you email us after October 14, we cannot guarantee that we will reply to you before the Wiki Freeze takes place as we often experience a high volume of emails throughout the Wiki Freeze day and the days prior to the Wiki Freeze.

Creative Commons

All content on this wiki is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (or any later version).