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The iGEM 2021 Website is still under construction! Check back soon, or subscribe to our newsletter for updates about the 2021 iGEM Competition.

Stay tuned, more information will be available soon.

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Interested in Starting a Team in 2021?

Take a look at some of the resources we have prepared to help you get started!

The iGEM Cycle

What does a typical iGEM Competition season look like? See our guide for what you can expect during the year.

Start A Team

Who can be on the team? How many supervisors do we need? Where do I start??

Funding Basics

Tips and advice on how to request funding and what to consider when making a team budget.

Registration is Coming Soon!

There are two types of fees that iGEM teams are responsible for during the course of the season: the Team Fee and Jamboree Fee.

Team Fee

The team fee covers team participation in iGEM 2021 and associated materials and support.

Please Note: This does NOT include registration for the Giant Jamboree. The Giant Jamboree has a separate registration fee.

Registration Cost Deadline Details
Regular Registration $5,500 USD April 30, 2021, 23:59 EST Payment in full by credit card, check, or wire transfer of $5,500 USD must be received by the Regular Registration deadline.
Late Registration $6,000 USD May 28, 2021, 23:59 EST Payment in full by credit card, check, or wire transfer of $6,000 USD must be received by the Late Registration deadline.

Jamboree Fee

The format of the Giant Jamboree in 2021 is still unknown, but it is a topic we are actively working on at iGEM HQ, and we will be sure to notify teams as soon as the format is confirmed. If the Jamboree will be virtual, the fee will be charged per team at the Regular Registration rate starting at $2500 per team. If the Jamboree will be in-person, the fee will be charged per attendee. The in-person fee is TBD. More information coming soon.