Ambassador Calls with iGEM 2021 Teams

After the first round of Ambassador Calls, the iGEM Ambassadors are back with another fun series of monthly meetups.

The Ambassador Calls proved to be a great resource for both the iGEM Ambassadors and the iGEM 2021 teams to connect. We want to extend and expand that idea to a monthly session with the iGEM 2021 teams and our community.

October 24 Meetup: iGEM Q&A - How can Human Practices help you tell your story?

Would you like to know about strategies for implementing successful Human Practices into your projects? Would you like to know effective ways of presenting your work on HP in the final video presentation? Would you like to hear the past stories on amazing Human Practices at iGEM?

We are pleased to invite you to the Coffee with Ambassador’s Human Practices Q&A Meetup. This time you’ll meet our special guests who would be members of the Human Practices Committee and Judges along with other fellow iGEMers, alumni and committee members. You’ll also get a chance to ask your questions, listen to their iGEM stories and experiences, and get tips. We shall also be discussing the ideas, thoughts, and questions put by you on the iGEMer’s Miroboard (see below). So do fill it up if you haven't yet!

We will use the Zoom application to host the video calls. We recommend downloading the Zoom app ahead of time. Please note that video chats may be recorded. Recordings will not be made public. If you have any questions reach out to ambassadors-2021 AT igem DOT org.

Introducing: The iGEMer's Miroboard

Your loving iGEM Ambassadors have come up with yet another tool to make your iGEM Journey more interactive, fun and enjoyable! We are officially launching “The iGEMer’s Miroboard” that will serve as a platform for you to share your thoughts, ideas and events with us. You can use the Miroboard to ask us about your doubts on different aspects of the iGEM project such as the Wiki, the Registry, the Judging Form etc. Then, join us at the next Coffee With Ambassadors Meetup (see above), where we'll discuss your questions and concerns! Explore the Miro space here:


Schedule: Coffee with Ambassadors

The schedule of these sessions will be updated each month, you can find more information here. Please use passcode "2021" to join the meeting.

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