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Nowadays, social media has gained increasing popularity. Interactivity and sharing make it an important resource to help us expand the influence of our projects. How to make the public understand our project in a more efficient way and how to get more targeted feedback more fastly are the core issues we are concerned about during this periods.

In the process of building our social media platform ecology, we have made great efforts to promote our projects to professionals and non-professionals, using various popular language, vivid expressions, and diverse forms to convey the project concept in order to promote the fun and diversity of synthetic biology. We have developed our team’s official social media accounts on multiple platforms to record the big events. At the same time, we also produced project-related videos and posted them to the new media platform, which received widespread public attention.


We have made great efforts in increasing the influence of our project. By building a social media platform, our team introduced our fantastic ideas and project progress to people from all over the world, and we shared interesting activities such as debate competitions and popular science education. The interactivity of the Internet allows us to maintain close contact and continuous communication with our audience, which greatly helped us improve the details of the project.

About us:We are 2021 team of CSU_CHINA, a group of students who are extremely interested in medicine and synthetic biology. We hope to find a new method of treating type 1 diabetes.

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Wechat articles

Due to the popularity of WeChat, we chose it as the main platform to record important team activities. Since February 23, 2021, our platform has published 11 tweets, with users subscribed 331 times, and has received a total of 5000+ views. The outstanding articles have also been reprinted by the school and college public accounts, which is greatly enhanced the influence and cohesion of our team.

Excerpts from "Spark Science" Popular Science Promotion Activities

Team promotion video

Yalier's Wonderful Lab Tour


Bilibili is a cultural community and video platform where the young generations of China are highly gathered, covering a multicultural community with more than 7000 circles of interest. In order to take full advantage of the high-speed and widespread dissemination of the new media, we created the bilibili video website account and published our promotion video, short films and series on it, which received many likes and comments. In this way, we can harvest the latest ideas from the public, so that our thoughts will be spread to more stakeholders.