Team:CSU CHINA/Award Inclusicity


We have made many efforts to improve the inclusivity of the project, mainly in the following aspects:

1. In consideration of the blue light in our project may be the obstacle for photosensitive patients, we have studied and searched for solution to avoid the damage caused by blue light exposure. We have discovered that this problem can be solved easily by optical fiber. Implantation of traditional optical fiber can make it possible for therapeutic lights to contact biological tissues. However, the fragility of glass fibers may cause damage to tissues. More studies have been done and we found that scientists from the Pennsylvania State University have given the solution already. Organic compounds based on citrate are used to realize the harmony of optical fiber and therapeutic light.

2.In the process of integrated human practice, we deliberately broadened the scope of interviews in order to obtain feedback from all walks of life and people of all ages. At the same time, our interviews on improving the scientific nature of the project involved synthetic biology, clinical medicine, nursing, law, ethics, etc., in order to obtain the most professional opinions from different angles.

3. Our wiki design also contains some careful thoughts: we have designed 2 background modes to make it easier for people with color weakness to read our wiki