Team:CSU CHINA/Members

Jiada Li

PI Jiada Li, professor and tutor. Distinguished professor, a "Furong Scholar" in Hunan Province, and an "Excellent Talent in the New Century" in the Ministry of Education. Department of Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences, Central South University.

Jie Li

Jie Li, male, born in 1982, Ph.D., associate professor, master tutor. In June 2009, he entered the Department of Cell Biology, School of Biological Science and Technology, Central South University. He presided over and participated in many projects of National Natural Science Foundation and Hunan Natural Science Foundation. Mainly studies ecotoxicology, aquatic ecology and phycology.

Chiyu Li

Chiyu Li, research associate professor, Ph. D. Department of Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences, Central South University. He focuses on cell signalling transduction and synthetic biology, and is funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Hunan Natural Science Foundation.

Meiming Chen

Meiming Chen, master student, College of Music, China Normal University. Bachelor degree in music education, master degree in music performance (vocal music). Now he is the counselor and secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Life Sciences, Central South University.

Ye Liang

Doctor, attending physician, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University.The research direction is medical image machine learning artificial intelligence technology research; Applied theoretical research on digital design of medical 3D printing: Algorithm design of human-computer interaction aided medical robot. Mainly carry out digital treatment of stomatology. He presided over 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China and 2 key R&D programs in Hunan Province. He has won the first prize of American Mathematical Modeling Competition, the first prize of National Mathematical Modeling Competition and the first prize of National Informatics Olympic Competition.

Zeyuan Wang

Zeyuan Wang, a person who likes biology, reading and experiments, hopes to make something useful with my own efforts

Xingjun Zhao

Xingjun Zhao A collection of contradictions: confidence and inferiority, tenderness and indifference, dedication and selfishness. In a word, I am who I am, and willing to make a little effort for the progress of science.

Kaizhi Liang

A medical student who likes computers.

Shuwen Li

group leader of front end

Zhuoyao Li

Let my life be beautiful like summer flowers, make the earth a better place, by biological approaches, for all creatures, with my enthusiasm.

Qingyu Liu

A junior majoring in life science/Working in the experimental group/Keep learning, reflecting and moving forward

Shuyi Chen

A student mayor in bioinformatics/public health. Keep calm and carry on

Qianyue Zhang

A group photo killer who squints when she smiles, a curious baby majoring both arts and science.

Yunhan Xu

Hi there!My name is Xu Yunhan and I study clinical medicine in Central South University. I’m mainly in charge of the new media operation and publicizing work of this team.

Xingchen Zeng

A junior student in School of Computer Science and Engineering at Central South University.His research interest includes visual analytics, data mining and deep learning.

Zixue Wang

My name is Zixue Wang. Majoring in bioscience, I am a member of the experimental group.

Sitong Liu

A medical student majors in clinical medcine/Psychiatry. Sit back and chill

Zhicong Li

Mathematics hobbyist,Digital hobbyist, Model Establishment,Programming, Data Visualization

Fengzhen Qin

My name is Fengzhen Qin. I am a student majoring in product design, School of Architecture and Art, Central South University. I like design and painting.

Yichen Cheng

Law student, happened to be absorbed in amazing BIO world, loving exploring every field except pure law.

Jieyi Long

I’m Jieyi Long. The harmony picture in my head even can be called contemporary Claude Monet. However, the twisted lines under my pen almost make me crazy.

Jingyuan Luo

A learner, a chaser, play in rhythmical silence

Xu Wang

My name is Xu Wang.Majoring in Mechanical engineering.

Cheng Yang

This is a man with beauty, wisdom and kindness, who would like to make friends worldwide.

Chengping Yu

A tireless experimental group member,also a fanatical fan of bioscience.

Jiangyong Yi

A worker who doesn't know how to say no.Sometimes love to study, sometimes afraid of difficulties

Daiyang Liu

Hello, everyone, this is liudaiyang, a senior two student from Yali high school. Today I am glad to show you my hobbies and my experience of science learning. First, in my spare time, I would like to read some materials both in English and Chinese in almost every field, like books about history, literature, and detective stories. Also, to keep healthy, it is pretty significant to do sports. I can play basketball, table tennis, and skateboard. However, I am not proficient in them, I just play them as pastime. Moreover, thanks to the education from my family, I know how to make friends with others and I am enthusiastic when I am allowed to help others. And I like to communicate with peers or some other people so that I can learn something from them.

Yiwen Liu

I am Liu Yiwen, from Changsha Yali High School. I am an out-going boy with a kind heart, a curious mind, thinking eyes, and a strong will. Biology is my favorite subject. I am good at basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, and especially orienteering and computer program designing. I believe “Keep trying and you will know a more colorful life!”

Menglin Chen

My name is Menglin Chen, and my English name is Flynn. I’m 16 years old boy who lives in a historical and pretty city-Hangzhou. So my best subject in school is Biology, also I’m fascinating on Math, Chemistry and Geography. There are several hobbies i would like to do in my leisure time, basketball, rugby, tennis, table tennis, baseball etc. For the most interesting sport i have ever experienced is basketball and i practice my basketball skills over 14 hours per week. Another special interest i have is that I’d like to learn the things which is out of the syllabus but has strong connections to our life, this provides power for me to keep doing the external researches, there is nothing better than the knowledges that can upgrade your own understanding and also can be applied in the modern world.

Zizhi Yan

Hello, I'm Zizhi Yan. I'm a high-school student in Hunan GuangYi Experimental Middle School. I like basketball. I also like biology, genetic engineering, and all challenging things.

Yanzhe Zhang

Yanzhe Peldom Zhang AIDD/CADD developer, Protein designer, Electronics hobbyist, Amateur astronomer

Minglin Liang

Im an AWESOME KID majoring in clinical medicine who's managed to get 2 years of iGEM experience while earning this degree.

Haoran Hu

2020CSU_CHINA is a major member, now studying at Fudan university.Interest: all kinds of sports,movies,science

Tianyuan Xie

A biologist who likes experiments.

Hao Zhou

2020CSU_CHINA student leader, a prospective doctoral student in biology who is ready to escape from the biological sinkhole at any time.