Team:CSU CHINA/Award Safety


Our great emphasis on safety runs through the process of experimentation and human practice. When it comes to safety, we focus on three areas: Laboratory Safety, Bioethics Safety and Intellectual Property Safety.

In terms of laboratory safety, we followed the relevant laws and regulations of China, and the of synthetic biology industry. In addition, we have made our own laboratory rules and were strictly abide by them. Examples are as following, Regulations for the implementation of the Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, and Regulations on the Biosafety Management of Pathogenic Microorganism Laboratories. Besides, we done various practical activities to absorb the society’s bioethical views and opinions including the design of the questionnaire, the interview of patients, and the public concerns.

In the aspect of bioethics safety, we asked the members of the team who are specialized in law as consultants to make authoritative interpretation and thereby form a manual of ethics guideline for everyone in the team. We attach particular importance to the analysis of the Biological Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. In social practice activities, we mainly carried out three different activities.

As for intellectual property safety, we carried out the self-determination of intellectual property protection of three categories according to patent, trademark and copyrights, respectively. Besides, we made a specification GUIDELINE to guide all iGEM teams to carry out intellectual property protection in the future. Not only have we conducted in-depth research in the field of intellectual property, but we feel privileged to make our own unique contribution to the popularization of intellectual property in the relatively new field of synthetic biology.