Team:CSU CHINA/Award Integrated Human Practices


Since our project is a new way of treating T1DM which is closely related to human health, our team attached great importance to the integrated human practice part of the work this year. Before starting, we formulated a careful plan, the entire integrated human practice includes five units: Idea and brainstorm, Thoughts and design, Investigation, Professionalization, Future blueprint. Each part is connected with each other, interlocking, and forming an indivisible whole. They have contributed important ideas and feedback suggestions to our project.

In the first two steps, the team members brainstormed, read the relative articles extensively, and got a wonderful topic under the guidance of our professors.

Secondly, in order to understand the public’s opinions on this project, we held a number of popular science promotion activities among people of different ages and social classes, and took the opportunity to distribute questionnaires and received feedback from multiple angles, which also triggered our deeper understanding. At the same time, we were fortunate to contact the stakeholders directly related to the project——two patients with type 1 diabetes. Through conversations with them, we were able to examine the advantages of this project from the perspective of patients.

Then, in order to improve the professionalism and scientific nature of the project, we interviewed many experts in different fields, covering biology, ethics and law, biosafety, clinical medicine, and nursing. We derive nourishment from our conversations with them.

Finally, during the competition, we actively looked forward to the future. After consulting with pharmaceutical researchers, we conceived the way to commercialize the products of our project in the future, actively thought about intellectual property related issues, and formed a systematic business plan.