Team:CSU CHINA/Notebook


3.28 Built our team

Built our team , assigned work, determined the theme.

Analyzed former awards, made sure criteria for special prizes and medals

Studied former projects and their advantages, leared and studied synthetic biological content.

Designed basic structure, arranged our works every month during the competetion



4.5 Interviewed professors

Made sure experimental goal, direction of human practice work and what we want to achieve through our project

4.10 Debate

Held a debate upon the theme of genetic engineering and traditional therapy under the background of our project

4.13 Interviewed government consultant

We have realized what people’s actual opinions are upon synthetic biology and their actual needs through the interview. Meanwhile, our interviewee has pointed out the direction of laws that we need study more.

4.18 Communication with SZU_China

SZU-CHINA inspired us to think about how to diversify our interviewees to ensure the integrity of our social research

Model dividing animation simulation to pieces and distribute them.



5.15 Online communication with SUSTech_China

Give advice on lab design

5.26 Interviewed graduate student majors in nursing

Held discussion based on the situation during hospitalization of type I diabetes patients



Preparing promotion video

Making a slides template



7.20 Lecture in Changjun High School

Held a synthetic biology publicity lecture in Changjun High school with team THU_China, promoted synthetic biology along with our project and got feedback information for our project

7.24 iGEM Central China Regional Meeting

learn from other teams and improve our project

Design wiki

Design business plan



8.24First online meeting(nudt)

Had a discussion on projects of both teams, primarily determined later cooperation.

8.27 CCiC

Gave presentation of our project progress to Chinese iGEM teams and discussed



9.10 Interviewed patient

Interviewed patients of type I diabetes and got informed consent letter

9.17 Joint scientific popularization activity

A massive public brand popularization. Activity included the introduction of synthetic biology and light-controlled parts, exhibition of lab tools, experiencing operation, protein combination maze game and distribution of questionnaire

9.18 Interviewed research scholar in pharmaceutical factory

A conversation with senior researchers of Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Company, on new therapies and drug market competitiveness

9.19 interviewed clinical doctor

A conversation looks forward to new ideas for improving the quality of life for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes.

9.20 Interviewed with expert of intellectual property

Interviewed and consulted expert based on intellectual property and patent application

Arranged material and started the translation, started wiki uploads

Designed animation according to interviews and made the animation



10.3 Laboratory visit(Yali High School)

Students from Yali High School visited lab of Central South University.

10.5 Laboratory visit(nudt)& Off-line communication

Showed our lab to our collaboration team NUDT_China and introduced the lab by mentor, discussed about the ends of our projects

10.8 Lecture in Changjun High School

Gave lecture in Changjun High School with members from NUDT_China about photo synthetic biology and our projects

Improved the details of our wiki

Reviewed the competition, thought and reflected



Giant Jamboree

Program review



We have a plan to test the work as a whole system

We will keep focuing on