Team:CSU CHINA/Attributions


1: Team Members

Wet Lab

Name Responsible Helped
Zeyuan Wang Serve as CSU_China leader . Firstly, I participated in the experimental progress of the experimental group, took charge of some molecular experiments and cell culture, coordinated all reagent procurement with the instructor, and participated in literature discussion and experimental improvement Contact and participate in activities after the HP work plan is specified Coordinate the time arrangement of each group, ensure the progress, orderly progress of the whole project, and finally responsible for the management and expenditure of funds.
Xingjun Zhao Serve as CSU_China leader and experiment group leader. Responsible for and completed the design of most of the carriers, consulted the literature of glucose-induced promoter CHREBP, blue light light-controlled protein GI-LOV, yeast two-hybrid system and other parts. Responsible for all molecular cloning experiments and completed the construction of all components. Responsible for some cell experiments, completed the verification of miR21 inhibitory expression, glucose-induced promoter CHREBP and other parts. Responsible for all qPCR detection. Data processing, collect all experimental data, complete the drawing of most experimental data graphs and integrate all experimental results. Responsible for the majority of the experimental group’s wiki and all registry content.
Zixue Wang position here Involve in a large number of cell culture and transfection work. She is a member of the experimental group. She is responsible for the inhibition of insulin synthesis by transfecting that allows engineered cells to feel higher concentrations of insulin, thus secreting miR21. In the longer loop, she suggested that phosphate-ERK can be detected to verify that cascading reactions occur within cells. She tested red fluorescent proteins mCherry to see if miR21 was likely to be secreted, using confocal. She is also involved in some data processing and mapping.
Chengping YU position here Responsible for experimental design and conduct of initiation pathway, including glucose-feeling part, light-feeling part and insulin secretion part. Responsible for cell biology experiment and data measurement in the team. The experiment have been done include cell culture translation, transfection, reporter gene detection, ELISA and rhythm determination of reporter gene expression. Also responsible for communication with the model group.
Qinyu Liu position here As a member of the experimental group, searched and read a large number of relevant literatures on "mechanism of miRNA degradation of specific target mRNA", and was the first to extract the corresponding miRNA gene fragment from the human genome. She also participated in various molecular cloning and vector construction work, and verified that vectors can be successfully expressed in 293T cells. In addition, she also participated in the docking work of HP group and art Group.

Human Practices

Name Responsible Helped
Shuyi Chen Serve as CSU_China Human Practice group leader. Responsible for the systematic work arrangement of Human Practices, NUDT cooperation, patient interview, In spark publicity take responsible for offline work and prepare the device, CCiC meeting making slides for presentation , direct animation production, take part in filming and promotion video arrangement.
Zhang Qianyue position here Responsible for education, such as planning and implementing presentations, laboratory visits, and post-data analysis; planning and conducting expert interviews; participating in writing and typesetting public account articles; participating in the cooperation between NUDT and Tsinghua; recording debate competition activities; connecting the human practice group and the modeling group ; Writing wiki articles and picture layout.
Yunhan Xu position here The operation and management of social media platform including wechat and bilibili;The scriptwriter and dubber of the promotion video;The scriptwriter and director of the animation short films;The typeset and broadcast of our wechat articles and bilibili video; The interview of ihp in clinical medicine area;The writing of some important text data including project description.
Sitong Liu position here Edited wechat and Twitter articles, took part in debate, attended and gave presentation on CCIC 8, wrote questionnaire for education activities, interviewed patients of type I diabetes, attended popularization activity and promoted synthetic biology along with our project, took part in collaboration activities with other universities, directed and filmed promotion video together with teammates, took part in wiki editing and artworks, give presentation on the Jamboree.
Zhuoyao Li position here Responsible for keeping contact with Experiment group and consulting pertinent literatures including embedding technology photoallergy, and current treatments for diabetes.Responsible for a large amount of copy writing work, including Wechat official account article, wiki, part of video narratage, etc. Serve as a representative, interviewed by CCiC community and science popularization organization. Attend collaboration meetings and be responsible for taking the minutes, contacting NUDT_CHINA and other collaborative teams. Make questionnaires and write part of the business plan.
Yichen Chen position here Mainly use the legal professional ability to serve the team. Search laws, regulations and literature, and provide biosafety ethics advice. Search relevant international treaties, international general rules and domestic laws and regulations to form an IP guideline for all iGEM teams at present and in the future. Help the team in intellectual property protection. Help IHP interview, edu and popular science to endorse the law. Responsible for the analysis of enterprise and the writing of business plan.
Xu Wang position here Responsible for the photography of various events; short video shooting and production of the small debate theater, part of the shooting and post-production of promotion video; production of "Project Introduction" WeChat public account push, writing part of the business plan content, "Spark Science Theme Activity" submission , Design the shell model of the experimental device and contact other students to 3D print the shell, upload part of the wiki page content.


Name Responsible Helped
Xingchen Zeng  Serve as CSU_China Model group leader. Responsible for the systematic work arXingchen Zeng rangement of Model group, wiki writing, visualization model design, visualization model implementation, algorithm implementation, CCiC meeting and ODEs Model design.
Zhicong Li position here Responsible for algorithm implementation, visualization model implementation, and ODEs Model design and other tech support. He has made great contributions to the realization of the entire model. Our wonderful work would not be completed without his devotion.
Cheng Yang  position here Responsible for the connection with art group, wiki writing, visualization model design and visualization model implementation. He has made great contributions to the visual design of the model and the writing of model description.
Jianyong Yi position here Responsible for the connection with wet lab group, visualization model design and visualization model implementation. He played the role of a  collaborator that everyone likes in the group, and devoted a lot of time to complete the dirty work of our group,
Jingyuan Luo position here Responsible for the connection with wet lab group, wiki writing, paper survey, visualization model design and ODEs model design. He played a role as a bridge in the communication between researchers from different fields and led the group to get started with synthetic biology.

Art & Front-end

Name Responsible Helped
Shuwen Li Serve as art group leader. Web development.
Jieyi Long position here The design of logo, the customization of uniforms, the design of CCIC poster, the design of PPT template for reporting, the wiki illustration and the overall layout design, the drawing of PV cover, the making of complete loop diagram, the design of animation, and the illustration of official account.
Fengzhen Qin position here The design of posters, the design of uniforms, the posters and tickets design of debate competitions, the production of plasmid elements in Wiki, the official account illustrations and some typesetting.
Kaizhi Liang position here The design of homepage,one of the editor of homepage and some subpages.

2: Instructors

JiaDa Li

Thanks Dr. Huang for providing a comfortable scientific research environment and fully supporting us to complete the project. He checked the whole process of our project and actively provided the latest scientific research progress. Suggestions and feedback on professional issues related to the project.

Jie Li

Thanks Dr. Li for his instruction in the design of our project and for providing us with an experimental platform. Dr. Li is from the Department of cell biology, School of life sciences, Central South University. He provides suggestions on the construction and design of our website. At the same time, he guided our team to sign up.

Chiyu Li

Thanks Dr. Li for his help in experimental design and experimental technology. He organized and participated in every group meeting, put forward questions and suggestions to the existing design, and helped us check the correctness of selected components and the feasibility of the loop. He taught us new experimental technique and also corrected some of our non-standard experimental operations, which greatly improved the success rate of our experiments. In data processing, he taught us rigorous scientific research drawing and data processing methods and kept improving.

Meiming Chen

Thank Mr. Chen for his guidance to the human practice group. He has provided valuable suggestions in many activities such as debate competition.At the same time, he applied media knowledge to provide guidance for our education and science communication activities.

Ye Liang

Thank Dr. Liang for providing many suggestions for the work of the modeling group. He provided suggestions on modeling direction and learning suggestions from the perspective of interdisciplinary. He participated in group meetings and followed the progress of the work in real time.

3: Advisors

Thanks to Yanzhe Zhang, Mingyu Liang, Haoran Hu, Tianyuan Xie, Hao Zhou for their excellent advice at all stages of the project and for facilitating the progress of the project. In the process of team building, project implementation, and results presentation, they shared examples and experiences to help us avoid detours. We continue to improve the project in our communication with them.

4: Sponsors

Thanks to Medical genetics research center of Central South University -- School of life sciences of Central South University for providing reagents, consumables and equipment for our experiment.

Thanks to Ting Wu, she gave us a lot of help during the experiment. She mainly guided our cell experiments and taught us many experimental techniques. She put forward many useful and efficient suggestions for us. Moreover, she always participates in our group meetings and puts forward useful suggestions for our experimental scheme and specific implementation measures.

Thanks to Zheng Zhiwei from School of Computer Science and Engineering at Central South University for providing tech support for our model implementation.

Thanks for Daiyang Liu, Yiwen Liu, Menglin Chen, Zizhi Yan, Pingchuan Zhnag, Xiyu Wang's work in the team, their assistance in writing copywriting, participating in various activities, participating in discussions, writing meeting minutes, and providing ideas and opinions for the project.

5: Thanks To

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Thanks Dr. Tom for do sth.

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Thanks Dr. Tom for do sth.

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Thanks Dr. Tom for do sth.

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Thanks Dr. Tom for do sth.