Qingli Chen
BUCT iGEM leader,love marathon, gourmets and sleep.
Yimiao Lin
Lin Yimiao is one of the student leaders, and she is deeply passionate about biological research.
Zixuan Zou
What a girl obsessed with her studies.
Qixi Mo
Qixi Mo is interested in biology, especially stem cells.
Yulu Chen
I'm such a talkative girl, that it's a miracle for me to learn to keep quiet and write code.
Linqi Huang
Like most programmers, Linqi often works through the night, but she never worries about her hair because, genetically speaking, her chances of becoming bald are small.
Ziting Xu
She is a warm-hearted person who hides a strong heart beneath her petite appearance.
Zhilian Liu
Studying philosophy and psychology was a pleasure for him because it gave him a different perspective on things, and his childhood wish was to be a foodie and eat different tastes around the world.
Tao Tao
I am curious about almost everything, but actually there is not much time for me to explore the world due to so many deadlines. I can’t wait to hit the road.
Ao Wang
The report of Ao’s chemical composition inspection: patience, carefulness, brilliant smile and a lot of calm.
Wen Guo
Wen Guo is a seemingly quiet girl. When working in a team, she is always quiet and likes to listen to others.
Lin Shen
He is interested in emerging industries and things, but also willing to share and express mine own views. Have unique opinions on various ways of communicating with people.
Jiayi Ke
JiaYi is an enthusiastic and reliable partner. She is sociable, so she can mingle with others easily.
Jing Tan
Tan Jing comes from known as "furong country" said Hunan, has the south girl's gentle and careful, also has hunan people "eat hard, endure trouble, bully pretty" self-reliance and self-improvement.
Yuting Sun
One of the talents who masters the art designing skills in the team. If one of our team leaders has procrastination, it's all because he has efficient teammates like Yuting who can finish the task in a very short time.
Zhengjun Li
Professor Zhengjun Li
Xiaolin Shen
Professor Xiaolin Shen
Xinxiao Sun
Professor Xinxiao Sun
Jia Wang
Professor Jia Wang
Haosheng Liu
Team advisor, one of the designers of the experimental ideas, gave guidance and suggestions in various aspects of the project, made many contributions in the experiment, and contacted with the outside.
Zhuolin Liu
Team advisor, gave us some suggestions on HP, and guided our modeling work.
Ran Wang
Team advisor, gave us many suggestions, instructed our meetups.
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