This exchange meeting hosted by BGI is the first exchange event our team has participated in. At this event, we not only participated in the brainstorming of multiple teams, but also provided their own insights into their project ideas. I also listened to and accepted the suggestions from the various teams and the ccic chairman, providing new ideas and solutions for our start-up project: intestinal probiotics can be used for long-term intestinal valuation and long-term colonization. Take it for a sustained effect. In the next two months, we have determined our experimental ideas and plans on the basis of this study: to strengthen the consumption of fatty acids, and use the consumed fatty acids as raw materials to produce 5-HTP and GABA that are anti-depressant.
Tsinghua High School
At the exchange meeting of the Tsinghua High School, we shared the new direction of the team and obtained the unanimous recognition of the team at this stage. At the same time, we also revised our project idea in small links: from the goal to the successful synthesis of a functional three-in-one The strain was modified to verify that the three parts can be effectively expressed. In the future, we will put these modifications into the bacterial genome. Therefore, we now only need to prove that it is effective.
Quorum sensing
In the seminar, each team shared and introduced the common strategies and methods used in the construction of bacterial quorum sensing elements, and discussed the dynamic metabolic regulation, periodic oscillation presentation, and heterogeneous strains of engineered bacteria based on quorum sensing genetic elements. The construction of inter-relationships and other aspects of the application. The research on quorum sensing elements mainly includes the development of new quorum sensing elements and the optimization of existing quorum sensing elements. Through this seminar, we thought about how to make quorum sensing flexibly applied to the team’s project this year, and further strengthened the discussion on enhancing the safety of engineering bacteria in the body environment through the use of quorum sensing elements.

Figure: Quorum sensing meetup

Online and offline science popularization
This event is a popular science event for college students sponsored by Beijing Normal University. In this event, we not only promoted basic intestinal flora knowledge and research prospects, but also shared the general process and content of our project with students, which aroused great enthusiasm among the students and sparked intense discussions.

Figure: Online and offline science popularization

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