The main core of our project design is the inspiration of the undergraduate team. The brainstorming session began in March 2021, and it was not until May that we decided on the main idea and started working on the project. In June, we interacted closely with teams that also chose the "therapeutic" track and focused on intestinal engineering bacteria, held a number of academic exchange sessions, from which we gained a lot, and formed the Intestinal Project research group, which was composed of BUCT, SZU-China, BNUZ-China, Nanjing-China, SUSTech-Shenzhen, NJMU-China and HZAU-China. In July of the same year, the team entered the laboratory. The Wet Labs team received appropriate laboratory training from lab managers who worked during our project.

As mentioned above, our project is largely based on the work done by our team members during the iGEM season, and all details are available on our wiki page. In general, project design is done by our team members, primarily based on books and literature, and our PI and consultants help us with the sections described below. Further support from the scientific community states in the Integrated Human Practice tab that all experiments are conducted under the supervision of our team members under the supervision of experienced laboratory staff. Laboratory support provided by PhD candidates working in the same laboratory is in the form of demonstrations and recommendations. They also helped us familiarize ourselves with the laboratory equipment used in the experiment.

At the same time, the code used to calculate the model is a mixture of custom code and the code wrapped in the bibliography. In each case, in the model section of the wiki, you'll notice it clearly when you use custom code or don't use custom code. The main supporter of the model is our consultant, Liu Zhuolin, whose role is consulting.

For human practice, we have received valuable support from the Department of Medicine, the local media, companies including Formart and Yakult, our PIs and consultants.
Team members
We are a team of 15 students. Most of us are majoring in bioengineering. This helps us to accomplish the wet lab works. However, it’s really difficult for us to create a wiki. We have to study a lot knowledge about HTML coding. Although we meet with so many difficulties that we never though before, we work shoulder to shoulder in the competition.
·Qingli Chen (team leader): 2021 BUCT team leader, primer and reagent ordering, suicide system designer and experimental re-emergence, one of the modeling leaders, the main contributor to the experimental design and the person in charge of the collaborative meeting.
·Yimiao Lin (team leader): 2021-BUCT team leader,gathering team members and organizing the team. Offered the imagine of our project and designed the process of the experiment. One of the core members of attending HP meeting offline. Responsible for the experiment of producing GABA. leader of cooperating with basic/composite parts. Also the little helper of wiki.
·Yulu Chen (Wiki leader): Conduct preliminary web design ideas. Make wet Lab and HP page . Draw the Top plug-in and team Members photo frames.Draw the team photo.
·Linqi Huang (Wiki member): Coded our wiki home page and the structures of other pages also the main creator of our team pages and parts pages, participated in our promotion video.Draw the loading carton.
·Ziting Xu (Wiki member): Wiki group member, designed sub-page side navigation bar, and debugged background effect, also the main creator of project pages, dry lab pages and excellence page.Draw the subpages photo.
·Qixi Mo (HP leader): Team leader of HP, participated in all HP activities, looked for cooperation between experiment and modeling, provided experimental ideas and suggestions, and wrote some copies.
·Lin Shen (HP member): Provided HP project suggestions, gave popular science lectures, participated in sharing meetings organized by other teams, and wrote some copywriting.
·Zixuan Zou (Lab leader): Team leader of wet experiment, member of copywriting team, constructor of plasmids related to 5-HTP, beta- oxidation, GABA and suicide system, compiled an experimental manual, and also participated in copywriting editing (part of background, HP, components).
·Jiayi Ke (Lab member): Member of the experimental group,responsible for strengthening fatty acid β oxidation and knocking out genes,member of HP group, made intestinal science handbook, attended crispr conference and participated in online intestinal science popularization.
·Ao Wang (Lab member): Responsible for wet experiment and its copywriting. In wet experiment, successfully knocked out the FADR gene of e. coli nissle1917 and wild-type e. coli BW25113 by crispr-cas9 technology, and eliminated plasmid resistance of engineering bacteria.
·Wen Guo (Paperwork leader): Leader of the paperwork team, mainly responsible for varieties of written work, such as project description, literature search, collection and management of various materials, and publicity and communication summary of activities.
·Jing Tan (Paperwork member): Member of the paperwork team, conceived and improved the background and introduction of the project, wrote some WeChat official account copywriting, responsible for the minutes of each group meeting, played an assistant role in the modeling work, responsible for the translation of the modeling copy, and helped to find literature related to biology to assist in modeling, and learned about the design of experimental ideas and introduced the projects of popular science lectures during the docking with other groups.
·Tao Tao (Art leader): Leader of art group, mainly responsible for production of promotion video and team presentation video, design and customization of team uniformsFilmed promotion video, designed and customized team uniforms, and made team presentation video.
·Yuting Sun (Art member): Member of the art group, responsible for push production, WeChat official account management and poster design. Experimental team member, responsible for liquid phase experiment, loan and return of experimental materials, maintenance of ppt version of screen disk and ccic poster display.
·Zhilian Liu (Model leader): Responsible for dry experiment modeling and meeting data collation, predicted the distribution of E. coli in intestinal tract with time change, and predicted the output of products based on this.
·Zhengjun Li: Professor Li encouraged us to carry out innovative practice and provided us with good experimental conditions. He gave us great help in the design of the project.
·Xiaolin Shen: She helped us optimize the experimental plan, and also helped us to contact relevant experts in the HP aspect.
·Xinxiao Sun: Professor Sun taught us the safety of our laboratory and how to do experiments correctly.
·Jia Wang: She provided lots of help in experiments and data analysis.
·Haosheng Liu: Team advisor, one of the designers of the experimental ideas, gave guidance and suggestions in various aspects of the project, made many contributions in the experiment, and contacted with the outside.
·Zhuolin Liu: Team advisor, gave us some suggestions on HP, and guided our modeling work.
·Ran Wang: Team advisor, gave us many suggestions, instructed our meetups.
Wiki helpers
·Jiayun Tan: A guy who made a video rotation (sadly we finally decided not to use it), helped solve some conflicts in the codes of notebook page's JavaScript, and assisted in completing the Human Practice page.
HP helpers
·Huilin Han: Huilin Han accepted our interview. She is an office worker affected by obesity. She hopes to lose weight through pills. She is the target group of our products. Her answer is specific and representative. Huilin Han raised concerns about the safety of our project.
·Miaoyin Xu: Miaoyin Xu is an old psychiatrist who has retired for many years. She accepted our interview, explained the knowledge of medication for mental diseases and put forward suggestions for the final presentation form of our products.
·Maocai Zhai: Maocai Zhai is a cardiovascular expert. He has rich research on arrhythmia, coronary heart disease and heart failure. He has published SCI papers and referred to many topics and the compilation of psychological cardiology. He accepted our interview, explained the relationship between obesity and disease, affirmed our project, and put forward suggestions on environmental safety.
·Runqi Chen: Runqi Chen is a student studying biomedical engineering. In our interview, she expressed her views on the relationship between intestinal flora, mental state and sub-health, and put forward suggestions for the promotion of our products to the public.
·Wenshun Zhu: Wenshun Zhu is a medical student who is very interested in biology. When interviewed by us, he put forward suggestions on the promotion of live bacterial preparations and discussed the necessity of intestinal colonization with us.
·Mengru Wang: Synthetic biology scholar. She put forward suggestions for our experimental ideas and provided help for the design of experimental ideas. She suggested us to replace TPH145-PCD-DHPR cycle. with P4H-PCD-DHMR in E. coli.
·Yichen Lu: Expert in synthetic biology. He has put forward suggestions for our experimental ideas and provided help for the design of experimental ideas. In terms of reducing production, we are suggested that we should not transform serA.
·Jiaxin Yi: Junique talent for music. She composed "free me from the cage" for our HP part, sang and filmed the MV.
·Qilin Zhao: Qilin Zhao is a student of Sun Yat sen University. She has a beautiful voice. She sang "free me from the cage" with Jiaxin Yi and filmed the MV.
Art helpers
·Peipei Huang: Student from Guangxi Medical University, finished hand-painted animation in our promotion video.
·Wenfang Cui: From beijing university of chemical technology, responsible for the shooting of promotion video.
·Ruiting Wu: From beijing university of chemical technology, finished editing and post-processing of promotion video.
·Wenjun Mo: Student from Tianjin Normal University, starred in promotion video.
·Jianfang Zhou: Students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, provided venues and costumes to help us complete the production of promotion video.
·Yihui Li: Students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, provided venues and costumes to help us complete the production of promotion video.
·Xinyue Huang: From Beijing Forestry University, provided cameras and other hardware facilities for our shooting.
·Yiqian Su: Student of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), completed the typesetting of poster, designed the project logo and made the GIF, and drew the GIF of the homepage of Wiki.
The whole BUCT team would like to thank our sponsors. Especially:
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Address: No.15 North Third Ring East Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,P.R.China. Beijing University of Chemical Technology