Through our many questionnaire surveys of all age groups and classes in society, we basically understand that people now attach great importance to health, but most of the correct health knowledge comes from "anecdotal rumors." Lack of systematic science, so is our knowledge of probiotics, so we have carried out probiotics publicity and science popularization in many aspects, and have achieved great results.
A lecture about intestinal microorganism
Zhongshuge is a physical bookstore that is gradually spreading across the country. It is famous for the cultivation of social sciences and humanities. As the first stop of popular science, on July 9th, we gave the first popular science lecture at Zhongshuge Bookstore. We contacted and cooperated with the charity organization "Uncle Long Legs Mailbox", and introduced the knowledge of probiotics and body shame related to our project to the children through the Sign up in advance and on-site registration. At the same time try to teach them to cultivate a positive outlook on life and a persevering psychological quality from an early age. After the lecture, we received strong affirmation from Zhongshuge's staff, whose liveliness and number of participants repeatedly broke through the historical records of previous lectures. At the same time, it has been affirmed and loved by all parents and children.
Popularization of science in the community
After the initial cooperation with Zhong Shuge, the charity organization "Uncle Long Legs Mailbox" and Yakult. We contacted them again. And obtained the props and popular science materials provided by the public welfare organization "Uncle Long Legs Mailbox" to provide channels and organize publicity activities, call on the audience, and through Yakult. We have carried out many popular science publicity in various communities and communities. Through the form of traveling through the park, it stimulates the interest of all ages to learn. And in the survey after the end, it was learned that all age groups had gained a lot of knowledge about probiotics in this popular science activity, and devoted themselves to the game.

Online teaching

In addition to offline science popularization, in order to expand our science popularization area and publicity number. We also thought of popularizing live science through the current live broadcast industry.

On August 26th, the Bilibili website (station b), the most popular among young Chinese in China, conducted a popular science live broadcast on the subject of intestinal microbes. Through the real-time message, we are very happy to know: the audience likes our teaching very much, and it once reached thousands of popularity;

On August 27th, we were on the WeChat platform with the largest number of users in China's online chat platforms. WeChat video account conducted a live broadcast with the theme of intestinal microbial science popularization. During the live broadcast, the audience was extremely active in the discussion;

Because the first two science popularization is very good, and the popular science knowledge is practical and meaningful. Under the strong request of many parents and classmates. At station b on 8.28, and on the WeChat official account on 8.29, we once again conducted a live science broadcast on the subject of microbes. The audience was wider, involving parents, preschoolers, junior high school students, college students, etc., and received audiences at the end of science popularization.

A lovely intestinal science handbook

After the lecture on popular science through speech propaganda. We also thought about whether we can make physical science books/manuals that can be promoted and forwarded, and by forwarding them to primary and secondary school students and preschool children, we can achieve the purpose of sharing knowledge and popular science through books. Therefore, we make a handbook of popular science of intestinal flora. It not only explained the basic intestinal knowledge to the children, and strengthened the further understanding of the human body; but also enabled the preschool children to learn knowledge while attracting the audience through the use of small games.

After the initial publicity, our popular science manual has received wide acclaim, and we are currently actively negotiating with the publishing house on related matters for publication. In order to publish it as soon as possible, so that more people who lack relevant knowledge can learn the knowledge, we have been active. Negotiate with the publisher. At the same time, we also contacted many schools in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places. Put our posters and brochures free of charge to increase publicity.

A Preached by the Primary School Affiliated to Agricultural University
After passing a series of popular science propaganda, we have achieved significant results, so China Agricultural University invited us to participate in their popular science propaganda activities to elementary schools. The theme of this presentation is synthetic biology and its related applications. Because the target of science popularization is elementary school students, in addition to simple science popularization through interesting videos, we also introduced them to the prospects and bright future of synthetic biology. At the end, we expressed the hope that they can join and fall in love with biology and promote the world. progress. After the end of science popularization, in the feedback from the students from elementary school and China Agricultural University, they expressed their gratitude to us and affirmation of our popular science content. The joint science popularization activity of the three schools was very successful in popularizing science.
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