We aim to use engineered Lactococcus lactis as probiotics.

1st. Take tablet in your mouth

2nd. Lick it until it's dissolved

We believe that it is useful for all people who want to keep their teeth healthy, but it is especially useful for:


Maintaining healthy teeth is important for the elderly. When healthy teeth are reduced, the number of foods that can be eaten is limited, and health suffers as a result. Number of remaining teeth is related to healthy life expectancy. Research shows that tooth loss may be a risk factor for the development of dementia.[1] Also, being able to prevent tooth decay without plaque removal by equipment helps people who cannot visit the dentist frequently. Therefore, this project will help to solve one of the problems of an aging society.

People in developing country

In developing countries, the resources needed to maintain healthy teeth are limited. For example, clean water to wash their teeth, materials to brush their teeth, and available dentists. If it becomes possible to prevent tooth decay by ingesting bacteria at low cost, we can contribute to protecting the dental health of people in developing countries.

However, we can't use engineered bacteria in human body due to cartagena law in Japan. If we release engineered bacteria into the environment, the strict containment mechanism is necessary. We suggest some biosafety measurement and hope it will be realized in the future. >>See biosafety

In addition, we need to remove people's dislike and distrust of recombinant probiotics. We conducted a questionnaire survey on the awareness of recombinants. We realized that it is important to proactively provide information to the general public to deepen their understanding of the technology. >>


[1] Jun Chen, Chang-Ju Ren, Lan Wu, Ling-Yun Xia, Jun Shao, Wei-Dong Leng, Xian-Tao Zeng, Tooth Loss Is Associated With Increased Risk of Dementia and With a Dose-Response Relationship: Front Aging Neurosci. 2018; 10: 415.