As Dr. Hirao said, extending science to the ordinary citizens is important. In order to increase people’s interest and understanding about biosafety, we thought that games are good as an education material for biosafety.
And also, for future iGEMers and beginners of synthetic biology, understanding correctly about biocontainment is essential. Then, we made a sugoroku to learn containment with fun for not only ordinary citizens but also beginners in biology.

Sugoroku is a Japanese board game. The object is to navigate a game piece from the start to the finish according to dice roll. In our sugoroku, “Master biosafety!", players aim to prevent engineered bacteria affecting the environment. You can download the sugoroku board and enjoy playing. We are also preparing an additional hand book to explain the details of contents and additional information for those who are not familiar with synthetic biology.

From the start to the middle point, players try to get knowledge for safe experiments. You can learn what you need to conduct recombinant DNA experiments.For example, it includes blocks about physical containment.
From the middle point to the goal, players try to treat engineered organisms with releasing the environment safely. In order to handle engineered organisms in the environment, some kind of biocontainment technology is required. So, assuming that we have implemented one of the three methods we have considered in our human practice(,unnatural base pairs system, hypoxia inducible kill-switch and auxotrophy), you will experience what can happen in each case.

You can download from here!