We did everything from deciding on a theme to researching, planning experiments, and executing them ourselves. We were able to accomplish all of this thanks to the cooperation of many people. I would like to express my gratitude here.

Management of Project

  • Project Design
  • Tamaha Ogawa, Aoi Shinkai, Ozora Ishikawa, Genki Fukasawa, Akari Kuroishi, Ryohei Yufu, Taiga Suzuki, Toshizumi Chino, Hinako Iwashige, Sekai Narita, Rei Hamaguchi, Misaki Matsumoto, Genri Yasuda

  • Planned Experiment
  • Tamaha Ogawa, Ozora Ishikawa

  • Performed Experiment
  • Tamaha Ogawa, Aoi Shinkai, Ozora Ishikawa, Genki Fukasawa, Ryohei Yufu,Akari Kuroishi, Sekai Narita, Hinako Iwashige, Misaki Matsumoto, Ayako Kikuchi, Kaoru Onosato, LeonardoKen Okumura, Ryoko Enomoto

  • Modeling
  • Rei Hamaguchi

  • Wiki Design
  • Ryohei Yufu

  • Human Practices
  • Genki Fukasawa, Aoi Shinkai, Tamaha Ogawa, Ozora Ishikawa, Toshizumi Chino, Sekai Narita, Rei Hamaguchi, Yuki Oheda, Miki Fujiyama, Chihiro Takayama, Kanon Abe, LeonardoKen Okumura, Mizuki Shibamiya, Kaoru Onozato, Ayako Kikuchi, Ryoko Enomoto, Yuna Kato

  • Experiment Support
  • Ms. Tsuda, Ms. Kisanuki

General Support

    Prof. Tagawa
    Our primary PI, generally advised us and provided us with support of experiment platform, materials and equipment.

    Prof. Hayashi
    Our secondary PI, gave us advice during the project decision.

    Prof. Yamamura
    Gave us advice on the modeling, and presentation video.

    Prof. Matsumoto
    Provided us with advice on our presentation.

    Prof. Yamamoto
    Provided advice on the project design.

    Prof. Miyanaga
    Provided advice on the experiment.


    Ms. Tsuda
    Ordered materials.

    Other Tagawa and Yamamoto lab members
    Helped us do experiments and use equipements.

    Elder graduates(Ms. Takahashi, Mr. Tsuruta, Mr, Machida. Mr. Kato, Mr, Saito)
    Gave us experimental advice.

Human Practice Support

    Dr. Ogawa & Mr. Minami (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
    They offered his knowledge of biofilms and introduced an interesting idea of using biofilm to fix bacteria. It was very helpful to understand biofilm, which is an important role in our project.

    Dr. Hirao (Institute of Bioengineering and Bioimaging (IBB), A*STAR, Singapore)
    He offered his knowledge of artificial bases which was developed by his group. It was very helpful to consider the possibility of using artificial bases for biocontainment in our project.

    Prof. Kiga (WASEDA University, Japan)
    He offered his knowledge of biocontainment by various kinds of approaches. It was very helpful to consider the measures needed to implement our project.