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Japan Meetup


We hosted the "Japan Meetup" online on 9th September. We invited other iGEM teams in Japan (Gifu, Qdai, UTokyo, ASIJ-Tokyo, Kyoto, Gunma, KAITjapan, Waseda, HokkaidoU) and discussed with participants using ZOOM. We also invited ambassador Ryo Niwa.

How did we help each other?

First, some of the participating teams (TokyoTech, Gifu, Qdai, UTokyo, ASIJ-Tokyo, Kyoto) presented their projects for this year. After each presentation, we had a Q&A session and exchanged opinions on each project. Learning about other teams' projects and getting feedback from them provided us with a new perspective on our project. In addition, after all the presentations, we split into breakout sessions for each topic (Wet, Dry, Human Practice, Team building, For next year) to talk about the status of the team. More specific discussions were held on each topic, and the difficulties faced by each team and solutions were shared with the Japanese iGEM team.

What did we learn from this collaboration?

The Japan Meetup provided an opportunity for the iGEM team to interact with each other during the pandemic. We learned how other teams tackle the problems. It is so helpful for us not only to proceed with the current project but also to consider next-year projects. 10 iGEM teams in Japan are participating in this event, and we can expect a lot of collaboration within the Japanese iGEM community. We hope to hold great meetups to interact with each other next year and beyond.