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It was encouragement and help between us that allowed us to make great progress. This year, our team reach out and work with SZPT-CHINA, BJU_China, XJTU-China, HUST-China, NPU-CHINA and FAFU-CHINA.


SZPT-CHINA is our partner for many years, we maintain close cooperation every year. This year, we have deep cooperation in experiment, human practice, education, etc. You can click there for more information.


We had a deep cooperation with BJU_China, especially the communication of model and experiments. In addition, we hold ‘The secret of dye——Education about dyes’ with BJU_China, LINKS_China and QHFZ, which was an online lecture series about dyes. Click here for more lecture’s details. You can click here for more information about our partnership.


We are the earliest two teams to participate in iGEM in Shaanxi, and we cooperate deeply every year. At the Northwestern China iGEM Meetup, we surprisingly found they were working to make a strain with high tryptophan production, which also useful for us. Since the meetup, we started to communicate frequently. We helped them modify expression plasmid, purchase chloramphenicol, also they helped us to contact experts. You can click here for more information about our partnership.


In the 8th CCiC, we found HUST-China were working to dye with biological dyes, we had a discussion at the conference. Then we decided to collaborate in experiments. We mailed them lyophilized product and they dyed hair with it.

Dyed hair by HUST with our product. There’re 3 strands of hair in the picture: the left strand dyed at a higher temperature was darker but bad in condition, the middle strand was dyed at a moderate temperature, the right strand was used for control which was untreated.


Team experience sharing

NPU-CHINA got good grades in iGEM, but it is a pity that they did not participate in iGEM in the last two years. We were happy to hear that they had rebuilt the team. Hence we have the chance to shared the experience of wiki writing and slides making with them.

The photo of us online

Northwestern China iGEM Meetup

Our team hosted Northwestern China iGEM Meetup in May. We invited them and received an enthusiastic response.

NPU-CHINA was speaking at the meetup

NPU-CHINA’s presentation

Experimental communication

We learned that they meet problems in seamless cloning, then we recommended an efficient kit to them, which was verified in our lab. When we meet problems in extracting plasmids, they recommended a useful kit to us.

Collaboration in education

In October, we were happy to accept the invitation of NPU-CHINA and made a presentation for high school students.

NPU-CHINA designed the poster for this activity

Our contribution for northwestern of China

This year our team proposed to supplement the northwestern part library, which is a gene library jointly constructed by iGEMers from Shaanxi. NPU-CHINA was willing to join in this work.


When we were thinking about how to make our products more popular, we noticed that FAFU-CHINA were working to produce a fragrance. We thought it would be great if we could combine our lyophilized powder with the fragrance. As a result, we contacted them and received an enthusiastic reply. Because of the COVID-19, we have not made our conception come true yet, we will continue working on this in the future.

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Northwest University 2021 iGEM Team