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Team Menmbers

Qi Gao

It is the second year I have participated in iGEM. This year is not ordinary for me in various senses. Thank iGEM for everything!

Ruozhou Wang

As a actually vice leader of the team, Roger's work is mainly assisting the leader. Due to his former iGEM experience, he nearly took part in every section of the work except HP. He looks like being good at computer, however, it is just "looks like" according to his own words.

Yongzhu Li

Hello, I am Yongzhu Li, an all-around player of NWU-CHINA-A team. I am proficient in web pages, experiments, and videos. Similarly, I love life and I hope to grow up in the iGEM family. I wish we will make good achievements this year.

Jiahao Qin

Hello, I'm NWU-CHINA-A's HP. As a student majoring in bioscience, I do like zoology. I am bright and animated so I like to make friends with you. This is my first time joining the iGEM family and I have gained a lot.

Zhan Gao

I am a Member of the experimental group. I like reading and good weather. I have a passion for interesting synthetic biology.

Jiahui Dai

Hi, I’m Jiahui Dai, a number of wet lab. 2021 iGEM came to a successful conclusion. A good result is expected. Come on!

Dingyang Wen

Dingyang Wen, Grade four undergraduate, Majors in biotechnology. In our project, he helped to do some experiments in the early stage and is a main member of modeling. He is an energetic boy who is good at long jogging and interested in climbing mountains. He loves biology and hopes to study and do research in the field of synthetic biology.

Ruiwen Jia

Hello, my name is Ruiwen Jia, a member of the art group of our team. I’m glad to meet these excellent teammates and such an interesting project. I hope that we’ll get an ideal result in this year’s competition.

Shaojie Ye

I’m Shaojie Ye, a member of the HP. This year is my first time participating in iGEM. I think that listening to music is a great way to get calm.

Jiabo Wang

I am a junior in NWU and a member of the experimental group of our team. I love sports and reading.

Tongyu Zhang

I am a mathematical modeling enthusiast who only likes to work in the middle of the night. I am very happy to be able to swim the ocean of models in iGEM.

Lurui Xie

Hi, everyone. I am Lurui Xie. I am from school of information science&technology. I am a web page producer of NWU-CHINA-A team. Although I work behind the scenes, I am not introverted at all. Hope to make more good friends in iGEM family!

Xinyu Lian

Hello, everyone. I'm Xinyu Lian. I am glad to participate in IGEM as a member of NWU-CHUNA-A. I worked as an artist on the team. We have a lot of good players this year. Wish our team good results!

Jisiyu Cheng

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

Xinxue Li

Hello, I am a member of the wet lab. I both like reading and climbing. Let’s fight for the future.


Daixu Wei
Guan Feng
Hongmin Li
Shiwei Wang
Mingqin Fan


Yu Zhang
Junjie Zhu
ZhuoLin Liu

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Northwest University 2021 iGEM Team