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All team members participated in brainstorming, and after reviewing literature and meetings to discuss, we determined our project on April 20th. In May, our team began to work in the lab.

We bring this project to you in a wonderful way with our joint efforts.

Wet lab

Plasmid construction

Ruozhou Wang designed plasmids of pET28a-Fre-linker-SttH, pET28a-TnaA, pET28a-MaFMO. Gao Qi designed plasmids of pET28a-SttH and pET28a-MaFMO-TnaA.

Plasmid expression

All the members of wet lab participated in this work, including Jiahui Dai, Gao Zhan, Gao Qi, Jisiyu Cheng, Ruozhou Wang, Xinxue Li, Jiabo Wang .etc. These works are the important foundation of our project, which ensured the development of the following work.

The product of Tyrain Pruple

Jiahui Dai and Jiabo Wang made a great effort to this part, they achieved excellent results through literature review and experimental screening.

In-Fusion to optimize the reaction system

Gao Qi designed the protocol and primers, Gao Zhan and Yongzhu Li constructed the plasmid in lab successfully. And the function was verified by Jiahui Dai.


To avoid the potential side reactions, we got a tryptophanase knocked out strain by CRISPR/Cas9. Gao Qi and Ruozhou Wang set the protocol. Jiahui Dai and Gao Qi were in charge of this experiment.

Dyeing experiments

To prove the feasibility, we dyed the product on different fabrics. Gao Zhan set the protocol, Jisiyu Cheng, Jiahui Dai and Gao Qi did this part of work in the lab.


Gao Qi and Jiahui Dai did most of the measurements. They evaluated the production of Tyrain Purple.

Dry lab


Tongyu Zhang and Dingyang Wen built mathematical models for our path. Lurui Xie and Ruozhou Wang were also involved in these works.


Lurui Xie set up the web pages. In addition, the art design was done by Xinyu Lian, Ruiwen Jia.


Yongzhu Li is the chief director of all our videos. Xinyu Lian completed the art design. Ruiwen Jia was responsible for English dubbing.

Human practice

Jiahao Qin and Shaojie Ye did a lot of work in this part. They made contact with other teams, did market research, communicated with experts. Everyone on our team contributed to this part.


Gao Qi did planning for this part, Jiahao Qin and Shaojie Ye did a lot of offline work.

Presentation video

Yongzhu Li edited the video, Ruiwen Jia, Lurui Xie, Yongzhu Li and Gao Qi were the speakers. Ruiwen Jia and Xinyu Lian made the slideshow.

PIs & Instructors

Daixu Wei

He played a key role in our team and gave us many professional suggestions and supports. He is a humorous teacher who often communicates with us and leads us to come up with solutions to many problems that we can't overcome.

Hongmin Li

She instructed our experiment responsibly and encouraged us a lot. She is good at molecular biology and has developed a good relationship with us. We all like her very much.

Shiwei Wang

He provided us with experimental instruments. Also he is a responsible teacher who gave us professional suggestions.

Feng Guan

He provided us with experimental instruments.

Mingqin Fan

He often cares about the progress of our project. If we face difficulties in communication, we would turn to him. In addition, he helped us with our finance.


Junjie Zhu

The experimental advisor of our team who has participated iGEM in 2017, 2019 and 2020, he shared many valuable experiences with us and answered us many questions.

Zhuolin Liu

The modeling advisor of our team, as the senior of the previous iGEM team modeling team, he is an experienced iGEMer and gave many suggestions on our modeling process.

Yu Zhang

As the leader of our team last year, she gave a lot of advice on team building.



Xingrong Yan

Professor of School of Life Science, Northwest University

He provided instruments and meeting room for us. Our team sincerely thanks him.

Aigen Fu

Professor of School of Life Science, Northwest University

He provided cell electroporator for us.

Fei Wang

Professor of School of Life Science, Northwest University

She taught us how to use cell electroporator.

Shisheng Sun

Professor of School of Life Science, Northwest University

He provided us with experimental instruments.

Dan Xu

Professor of School of Life Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University

We had a interview with her, she provided us with many experimental suggestions.

Yanshen Zhang

Director of China Dyestuff Industry Association

He gave suggestions on dye production, dyeing and how to reduce pollution.

Tianhu He

Senior project commissioner of WWF

Under his introduction, we became members of WWF and worked together to protect the environment.

Penggao Dai

Technical Director of Xi 'an Bamei Gene Technology

He helped us in business cooperation and protein purification.

Yeqing Zong

Doctor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, R&D Director of Bluepha Co., Ltd.

He donated plasmids to our team generously.


Northwest University and School of life science, Northwest University

Our achievement is closely related to the support of our university and college.

World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

We got inspiration about environmental protection from here.

China Dye Industry Association

Their help let our project closer to the market.

Wang's Shadow puppets

Their help allowed us to combine our project with shadow play.


They provided plasmid for us.

Beijing 'ZhiRanShilan' Cultural Creative Company

They advised us on the packing of our products.


They provided us with suggestions for business cooperation and product packaging.

'hua xing hong rui'washing factory

They helped us understand traditional dyeing techniques.

Ailurus vec ™

They provided vector testing experiments for protein expression optimization free of charge.

We sincerely thank everyone for their selfless help!

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