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2021 Northwestern China iGEM Meetup

Unlike the prosperous scene of iGEM in the eastern, there are only 5 teams in the northwestern of China. It is our team's tradition to unite the teams and let more people know the fascination of synthetic biology.

Based in the northwest and facing the whole country, to provide a better communication platform, we hosted the 3th Northwestern China iGEM Meetup in May 5th. We invited other 4 teams in the northwest, also we are very happy that DUT_China would like to join us.

Fig.1 The meeting's information online

It is a critical period for each team to establish a project in May. We found many meetups are concentrate in July and August. To help teams find and solve problems at the beginning of the project, we finally decided to hold this meeting on May 5th

We determined the theme of the meeting as “communicate progress & share experience”. As we all know, the team leaders are the core of every team and has many experiences about iGEM, so it is our great pleasure to invite previous leaders who leaded the team to get great achievement to share their experience and give us suggestions. We sincerely hope that this meetup would benefit all participating teams extensively.

As a result of the epidemic, it is a pity that some teams can not participate in the meeting on site. We proposed a way to integrate online and onsite to ensure every team can be involved. In addition, we opened a live in Bilibili to ensure more people can participate this meetup.

Fig.2 We designed the poster for this meetup

Fig.3 We designed the invitation letter for participants

Fig.4 We designed the logo for this meetup and hope this tradition can continue

Fig.5 the picture of the meetup

Fig.6 Six teams introduced their projects

Each team benefited from this meetup during the stage of project design, and many teams did in-depth cooperation after this meetup. Thanks again to the participants.

The 8th CCiC

The 8th CCiC was held online from August 27 - 29, 2021, which is the largest regional iGEMer conference all over the world. Because of the COVID-19, we were unable to attend the meeting offline. Therefore, our team participated online this year.

Fig.7 We introduced our project at CCiC

We presented and explained our team’s project at the conference. The judges' suggestions on supplementary data are of great help to us. In addition, at the 8th CCiC, we found HUST-China were working to dye with biological dyes, we had a discussion at the conference. Then we decided to collaborate in experiments. We mailed them lyophilized product and they dyed hair with it.

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Regional meetups

The 5th Southern China Regional Meeting

We attended the meeting held by SZU-China. We did presentations and shared experiences with participants. Thanks to SZU-China for giving us this opportunity to show and share.

Fig.8 The picture of the 5th Southern China Regional Meeting

The CRISPR Conference

In September, our team participated in CRISPR Conference, which is an exchange meeting to share experiences and help each other hosted by Tianjin team. NWU-CHINA-A shared the protocol of double plasmids CRISPR/Cas9 technology, which was verified in the lab successfully. After the conference, the participants jointly drew up a guide about CRISPR, and thanks the host, we are glad that our protocol can be used by future iGEM teams.

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