Team:BJU China/Collaborations



During the Igem competition, we collaborated with different teams in different aspects, including the following:
1. Education.
2. Modeling.
3. Experimentation.
4. Other area.
The cooperation in different aspects helped our project a lot.

1. Dyeing Educationa Activity

As part of our education activities, we launched an educational event on the theme of "Dyeing" to broaden the public's understanding of dyeing and synthetic biology. In this event, we collaborated with three other teams, QHFZ, LINKS_China and NWU-CHINA-A, to explain about dyes.
In the education part, we held a collaborated educational activity with QHFZ, LINKS_China, and NWU-CHINA-A to help the public understand more about dyes and synthetic biology by presenting dyes from different aspects.(More about education activity, please see our education page)

dye poster pic

3. Mutation knockout help

The NNU-China team helped us on knocking out the TnaA gene in Escherichia coli genome since we needed to us knock-out TnaA gene bacteria in our project. They shared with us experience on CRISPR Cas9 knocking-out method. (See our collaboration section in NNU-China wiki)

NNU China logo

4. Other areas

NDNF_China and our team shared same lab. NDNF team is well-experienced in gene editing. They gave us great help on gene-editing experiments and directed us on complement cell construction. Moreover, team members in NDNF_China are in favored in hand-made. Since our final product 6BrIG is a dye, they assisted us on dyeing with 6BrIG and making culture creative products. (See our collaboration section in NDNF_China wiki)
ceative product