Team:NOFLS YZ/Team

  • Congjia Liu
    I am Congjia Liu, a grade 11 student in Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language school. I love playing computer games and playing badminton. I want to study further abroad in the USA. The field of biochemistry and neuroscience is of my interest. I hope to gain some basic knowledge about them during the activity.
  • Jieyu Zhou
    Hi, everyone, I am Jieyu Zhou from Jiangsu, China. I'm currently studying at Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou at grade 12. I am an optimistic boy and I believe that all the flowers we planted now will one day blossom and benefit ourselves. I wish all the best during this rather difficult time. The darkest night produces the brightest light.
  • Mutian Liu
    Hi, I'm Mutian Liu, I'm a high school student from new oriental and I'm glad to meet you from this brief introduction. Well, I'm a big fans of orange sea, a band in china, I usually play basketball in my free time (there is no way to refuse the achievement after a three- point shot). I'm also interested in painting and photography these two interests help me becoming romantic. That's all, thank you.
  • Yonghui Wu
    Hi, I am Yonghui Wu from Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou. It's an honor for me to participate in this program. When I was young, I wanted to be a chemist, because at that time, playing with tubes with different liquid attracted me so much. Besides that, I like playing games. There is nothing bad about playing games. Because games lead me to the field of computer science.
  • Boxun Cai
    My name is Boxun Cai. now, I'm grade 11students studying at Beijing new Oriental Yang Zhou foreign language school. In my free time i usually do? some sports like badminton and basketball. And I'm also enjoy doing research? in the ecology or biology.
  • Ze Ni
    Hi, everyone. My name is Ze Ni, a 16-years-old student coming from Jiangsu. I am now studying in the Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou. Although I am not interested in the professional knowledge in biology, I am attracted by what goes on and how to operate the biological device. I hope we will have a good result in the following competition.
  • Jintai Bao
    My name is Jintai Bao. I'm a grade 11 student studying at Beijing New Oriental Yangzhou Foreign Language School. In my daily life, I enjoy doing sports, playing games and so on. In addition, I like little pets very much. Usually, I care about stray cats and dogs in my spare time. I consider that helping others is a pleasurable thing. whatever it is. That is one of the reasons I join IGEM.
  • Jinpeng Wang
    I am a high school student, likes playing musical instruments, basketball, and games. He likes listening to jazz, folk songs, and antique songs. He usually likes to read some famous overseas works. He is good at mathematics and chemistry, and his favorite major is physics. He attaches great importance to the iGEM competition and is willing to actively participate in iGEM competitions.
  • Xue Hui
    I am Xue Hui,come from Beijing New Oriental Yangzhou Foreign Language School,We are not a big group but we are confident we can make an impact in iGEM.
  • Ziyi Fang
    I'm Ziyi Fang from Beijing New Oriental Yangzhou Foreign Language School. A tall girl ~ likes playing the piano and dancing. I am willing to try something challenging and interested in business.
  • Zhou Boyang
    I'm Zhou Boyang from Beijing new Oriental language school. I like playing basketball with my friends and also like to read some books about biology. Fortunately, biology becomes my favorite subject.