Team:NOFLS YZ/Communication

In order to promote our project and enhance people’s awareness about IBD, we started a WeChat Official Account, which has been serving as our major channel to communicate with the general public.

We posted several articles to introduce the concept of IBD and our project design.

To be specific, we described what IBD is and its clinical details, including classification of IBD, potential causes of IBD, typical clinical symptoms of IBD and existing diagnosis methods.

We also made a comparison between current diagnosis methods with our newly-designed one.

To collect public opinions about IBD, we made a questionnaire and published on our WeChat Account. We also released the result of the survey. We found out that not many people know about IBD and sometimes that they think they are only small problems. It means that it is essential for us to make further promotion events about IBD and our project to make more and more people know about such diseases, especially their prevention methods, diagnosis criteria, and popular treatment.

We also designed peripheral products for our team, including recyclable bags, gel-ink pens, masks and etc. All of these will be used to publicize our project with a ultimate goal of enhancing the general public’s awareness about IBD and development of synthetic biology.

In addition, we also held lectures virtually (Tencent Meeting) towards the general public to proliferate the impact of our project.

This is a picture of one of our members doing a lecture about IBD and our project. He also got well prepared for our online lectures about our project & IBD.