Team:NOFLS YZ/Entrepreneurship

Main Products

1) Development Techniques of an IBD Diagnosis Biosensor

2) An Effective IBD Diagnosis Biosensor

Key Resources

The key resources can be divided into four parts: financial resources, technical resources, human resources, and knowledge resources. Based on our current funding station, we plan to introduce our products to medical associations and hospitals, and cooperate with companies with long-line funding strategies. For human resources, we plan to obtain technical talents through social recruitment who are experienced and school recruitment. For knowledge resources, global communication might be the most effective way.

Customer Relationship

To build a good relationship with our customer, we need to increase our popularity in product and serving for the common benefit, thus our customer will relay on our products and willing to have lasting cooperation with us.

Revenue Stream

To ensure the revenue stream of our product, we can provide our product to medical institutions, drugstores and patients. We can set different prices with regard to various situations: for those institutions of high fame, we can set a relatively and reasonably high price. And for some smaller drug stores, we can provide some discounts. At the same time, we can provide some testing service inside some hospitals to increase our revenue.


By identifying different channels, we ensure that people of different ages are aware of the disease, and further deliver the help that our products can offer to customers in need.

Cost Structure

Our cost structure includes 3 parts: experimental part, production part and business part. For experiments and production, there are material and equipment costs. For business, there are salaries for partners and fee for promotion.

Valued Propositions

By identifying value proposition, we present what good and service we can offer to customers and how our products outperforms their competitors in the market.

Key Activities

We will conduct activities to promote our brand including using software promotion, evaluating customer feedback, telling success stories, observing up-to-date technology, supporting other wholesale platforms, and expanding visibility through advertising.