Team:NOFLS YZ/Fundraising

Due to the subsequent influence of COVID-19, our fundraising process will start in September, after the Mid-autumn Festival. The whole process will consist of two main parts, the online sale, and the offline sale.

First, we will use a piece of article as the carrier of the online sale. The passage will briefly introduce the sale and then present the products respectively.

On the website, we will also show a poster. The poster contains all the information necessary for the sale, including the images, the price, and the introduction of the products. The poster aims to provide people with a clear and precise impression of all the products.

The way of contacting us will be listed at the end of the whole passage, and anyone willing to consume will be capable to directly confirm the order with us.

Besides, everyone who attends the online sale can enjoy the discounts.

Second, we will hold an offline sale at Beijing New Oriental Foreign Language School at Yangzhou after Oct. 8. We will apply to use the time of the club course or activity course to sell the products by setting up a temporary stall at the playground. At that time, you will be able to see the real objects of all our products. We will sell the products on site.