Team:NOFLS YZ/Attributions


  1. Congjia Liu: Synthesis of materials and the writing of main part of materials

  2. Jinpeng Wang: Writing of main parts of materials

  3. Jingtai Bao: Writing of safety part

  4. Ze Ni: Writing of human practice part

  5. Boxun Cai: Writing of Implementation part of Wiki

  6. Mutian Liu: Creation of some pictures.

Business Plan:

  1. Jinpeng Wang: key resources

  2. Congjia Liu: revenue stream

  3. Yonghui Wu:cost structure

  4. Jieyu Zhou: value proposition

  5. Jingtai Bao: key activities

  6. Ziyi Fang: customer stream

  7. Mutian Liu: customer relationship

  8. Ze Ni: customer categorization

  9. Boxun Cai: SWOT

  10. Congjia Liu, Boyang Zhou, Ziyi Fang & Hui Xue: synthesis of materials


  1. Fundraising:

  2. Congjia Liu: financial control

  3. Mutian Liu: main designer of the product

  4. Jinpeng Wang: popularize the product

  5. Other group members: help design the product and contact with sellers


  1. All group members: think of questions of their own domain mentioned in the business part

  2. Yonghui Wu: online technical support

  3. Congjia Liu: synthesis of all information

Wechat Official Account:

  1. Jinpeng Wang: creator of our account, and main editor of our essay

  2. Congjia Liu: another main editor of our essay


  1. Congjia Liu: attribution of team members’ job and synthesis of materials

  2. Yonghui Wu: Technical support. Creation of video

  3. Congjia Liu: Introduction

  4. Boxun Cai: Background

  5. Jieyu Zhou: Project goals

  6. Jinpeng Wang & Ze Ni: Methodology overview

  7. Jinpeng Wang: Result

  8. Jinpeng Wang: Human practices

  9. Congjia Liu: Collaboration

  10. Jintai Bao: Safety Consideration

  11. Congjia Liu: Next steps

  12. Congjia Liu: Attributions


  1. Congjia Liu & Jinpeng Wang: Leaders of the experiment process

  2. All team members experienced all parts of the experiment together.

  3. Doctor Liang: Our instructor of the experiments

  4. Teacher He: Instructor of our wet team

  5. Teacher Lu: Instructor of our dry team


  1. Mr. Andong Zhang, Senior Manager, Risk Mangement, COSCO SHIPPING LEASING CO.,LTD

  2. Dr. Hanbin Zhu, Former President of Wuhan Jianghan Red Cross Hospital, Director of Medical Department of Wuhan Institute of Technology Hospital

  3. SubCat Academy


  1. Silent Spring, 2021 iGEM team ECNUAS

  2. Alpha Luco, 2021 iGEM team Fujian_United

Laboratory and meeting room:

  1. ATLATL Innovation and Development Center

  2. Kr Space

  3. SubCat Academy