Team:NEU CHINA/Partnership


Through the 2021 China online meetup, we learned that the BS_United _China's project applied the same quorum sensing system as our project. Therefore, NEU_China establish cooperative partnership with BS_United China, these two teams to help each other on various aspects.
Partner stage 1: Project inspiration

After each team had tentatively decided on their project design, NEU_China and BS_United_China co-hosted the quorum sensing system seminar. We shared our information about quorum sensing. BS_United_China proposed a pathway “lacI promoter → T7 promoter → LuxR → QSP Promoter → mCherry” which can detect AHL concentration in food and facilitate quantification. The results indicate that we can use similar methods to determine the AHL production efficiency of our bacteria and the relationship between linear programming AHL production and various factors. Our team's approach of using quorum sensing system to amplify weak signals also provided a new idea for BS_United_China.

After this meeting, our two teams carried out deeper cooperation, and we continue to communicate experimental design with each other to help our two teams improve the projects.

Partner stage 2: Experiment

In the previous 2021 quorum sensing seminar, we learnt that the project of BS_United_China also involved QS quorum sensing system mediated by AHL. Our project mainly used QS quorum sensing system, while the BSU team's project mainly focus on monitoring AHL threshold, so our two teams had certain complementary roles in quorum sensing. So our partnership was established and cooperation between us carried out.

NEU_China received Part1 and Part2 of the engineered bacteria constructed by BS_United_China for relevant experiments. The experiment was to induce E. bsuahlscout to produce red fluorescent protein by using supernatant of the culture medium of engineering bacteria with different culture time. Testing AHL concentration in the environment by E. bsuahlscout helps us better test our projects. At the same time, we helped them conduct a simple evaluation of the effectiveness of their E. bsuahlscout. Both of our teams gained information from our partnership which was helpful for our project experiment results.

During the validation experiments with them, we held several online meetings to communicate and share experimental data. This kind of continuous communication has made our partnership stronger and both of our projects have been greatly improved through our joint efforts with the BS_United_China. Hopefully, the two teams can maintain our current friendship and improve together as we conduct more in-depth research on the project in the future.

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