Team:NEU CHINA/Future Experiment


Future Experiment
We hope to make a multivirus detector which has been proven to be feasible by our current experiments. Several aspects will be completed as following in the future experiments in order to make our project have more prominent results as well as broader applications.
Detection for more types of viruses

We have constructed engineered bacteria capable of accurately detecting three coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV and HCoV-229E) so far. In future plans, engineered bacteria that can detect more classes of viruses will be constructed, leading to a detection system with broader applications for detection.

Accurate measurement for threshold of AHL

Although we have detected the value of the threshold of quorum sensing system by setting a series of concentration gradients with the knowledge of that quorum sensing works after the concentration of signal molecules reaching a threshold and entering other colonies, we only get a rough range. Further experiments ought to be conducted to get the accurate value.

The application of the amplifier

Due to time limitations, we failed to demonstrate the functions of the Hrp amplifier which we had designed before. Hopefully we can conduct further research to demonstrate its efficiency through experiments, which will be beneficial to bring more prominent results for multivirus detection.

Combination of wet lab and hardware

Now experimental data has lived up to our expectations meanwhile our model of hardware whose working principle had been confirmed by relevant professionals had been built. However, the hardware hasn’t been demonstrated practical by combining with wet lab. Therefore, a serious consideration will be made to combine the two parts to demonstrate whether the hardware can work in a high efficiency in corresponding conditions.